Wild Thyme

I visited a colourful and captivating café
“Wild Thyme” was it’s name
the food and drinks exquisite
no patron could complain
the décor and crockery
different shades of green
cartoons painted on the walls
they used the herb and the verb!
Murwullimbah hosts WT

d’Verse, wild 44 words, Kim – photo is from my archive of Sydney Sculptures by the sea
nowhere near the cafe which is inland and faces into a street … sorry!


  1. Murwillumbah, coastal town, northeastern New South Wales, Australia. … Murwillumbah was surveyed in 1872 and took its name from an Aboriginal term meaning either a “good campsite” or “place of many possums.” Development was slow until the town was reached in 1894 by a rail extension from Lismore to the south.

    I think I like ‘place of many possums’ – Looks like two nice rivers in that town.

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    • good research Jules but that railway line was to close before it’s hundredth birthday … nearest active railway is Casino so most of us have to take slow coaches that weave in and out. I’d like to see the disused railway stations made into community projects because they are deteriorating fast. Or even local tourist trains to attract more visitors …

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      • I’ve seen some older stations turned into stores and or even homes. Too bad the rail had to shutter. Only takes money I suppose. I remember reading that some rails in Asia or Russia were shuttering because there just wasn’t enough use. One was going to shutter after the last student who used the rail graduated…

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          • For the scenery – and if a sleeper car were available… Though I did take a sleeper once – didn’t get the big room, just the one with the Pullman beds for a family of four – I ended up on the floor. If I do that again I’ll spring for the full room!

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            • we do have tourist trains from Sydney to Perth and Adelaide to Darwin … the length and breadth of oz but not been on these. They have sleepers and restaurant cars. Country trains even 24 plus hour trip ones just have reclining seats and a very average cafe for the necessities 😦
              And as I’ve reported before railways charge first class but it’s exactly the same as economy .. people just feel like they are getting more if they pay more …

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              • Some of the trains here have a business class – those that commute everyday. You don’t have the right ticket you can’t get in that section. I think there is a difference – wider seats, maybe better food? Not sure about the tourist trains which are different – and have observation cars, dining cars (as if you were in a restaurant not just going into sort of a fast food counter). Some local rails have short scenic rides that only last for about 45 minutes round trip. One that we went on had at the turn where you could get off and ride a bike back… not my thing.

                Entertainment is out there if you look…

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  2. Hi, Kate. If the picture you included represents the views café patrons enjoy, spectacular! Four stars even before bringing fork to mouth. I just love reading about others’ dining expeditions. Maybe it’s the foodie in me.

    What tempted you in the first place? Did friends specifically recommend the café to you, or did you just happen to be in the area and, “Hey, wanna give this place a go?”

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    • lol sadly I did not take a photo of this cafe and it does face into a street … pic is from my archives of people who look like they are having a wild time!
      We found it accidentally. On public holidays most places are shut and we’d just had a lovely picnic and were thirsty for a cuppa 🙂 the picnic I put together would be worthy of one of your exotic posts 🙂

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  3. We have a vegetarian café in Norwich called Wild Thyme, which is one of my favourite places. I like the sound of your ‘colourful and captivating café’ – great use of alliteration, Kate – and I love the idea of using the ‘herb and the verb – great internal rhyming too!

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  4. I like the smell of thyme, I grow it in the garden along with other herbs. I hope everything is delicious in the cafe.
    I cordially send my regards

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