Friday Fun – colour

Life is full of colour …
shades and hues of the spectrum, colourful events and colourful characters

Please share your take on colour in words or photos, get creative!

Share your link here and check out others to see what they are doing


  1. red here today for the first day of the lunar new year – signifying prosperity, health and longevity. I personally love blue, I see it as an entity of its own, almost a character in a novel! nice prompt Kate, something to lift the spirits.

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  2. Colors make my day – at some point I add to the scarf in progress. No two alike as I use up bits and pieces. I enjoy creating/crocheting them. The one I’m working on now looks a bit like candy as it has light almost neon pink, yellow and green.

    I was gifted with some more yarn last night. And I was also able to gift a completed scarf to a friend. We still need to wrap up warmly with two full months of winter left.

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