life so far has rotated around me
so why aren’t I happy and free?
distracted ill health
unpopular lack of wealth

distant from family and home
limited freedom to roam
too little hair to comb
meditating all alone

today I finally see
what’s always been offered me
exchange of self for others is the key
let’s look at how this might be …

with less focus on ‘me, I mine’
by putting ‘others’ first
make serving them my thirst
I could become selfless

constantly thinking of ways
to benefit them and their days
finding many ways that repays
their kind care without delays

to avoid my self-pity craze
self-absorption I need to rephrase
the only way out of this dissatisfied maze
is for ‘self’ to fade into a background haze

to drag myself out of the tomb
no more doom and gloom
need to dissipate that inner fume
by giving selfishness no room

24.1.2007 – d’Verse, OLN, Linda