life so far has rotated around me
so why aren’t I happy and free?
distracted ill health
unpopular lack of wealth

distant from family and home
limited freedom to roam
too little hair to comb
meditating all alone

today I finally see
what’s always been offered me
exchange of self for others is the key
let’s look at how this might be …

with less focus on ‘me, I mine’
by putting ‘others’ first
make serving them my thirst
I could become selfless

constantly thinking of ways
to benefit them and their days
finding many ways that repays
their kind care without delays

to avoid my self-pity craze
self-absorption I need to rephrase
the only way out of this dissatisfied maze
is for ‘self’ to fade into a background haze

to drag myself out of the tomb
no more doom and gloom
need to dissipate that inner fume
by giving selfishness no room

24.1.2007 – d’Verse, OLN, Linda


  1. Well-stated, Kate! You’ve come up with an awesome checklist, and no doubt each reader will have multiple additions of his/her own.

    Self-improvement always is a work in progress, a life’s labor. There never comes a point at which we expel a sigh of relief, “That was tough. Glad that’s done!”

    No, this is much too important, too permanent, to be dismissed so easily. Sure, minor things like putting away groceries or doing laundry, but not our life’s purpose. Our time here is much too brief. Only our legacy will outlive us, in some cases by millennia. Make it good.

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  2. Beautifully said and Kate I agree totally with your inspiring words. The Me, I and Mine has to be replaced with helping each and everyone and that will lead to selfless service and not the selfishness that is so much rampant in today’s world. To see happiness and smiles on others is such a lovely feeling of love and care.

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  3. It’s been a long time since I read your wise words and how much I was missing them.
    I love this poem.
    These lines “to avoid my self-pity craze self-absorption I need to rephrase …”
    really captivated me. We need to cross the boarder of “ME”. It is difficult in the beginning but once we learn to feel the joy of helping others. There is no end of doing more and more.

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  4. Powerful timely truth in your amazing poem, SweetKate!
    “exchange of self for others is the key…EXACTLY! 🙂
    To genuinely sincerely care, give, help others…always benefits us, too. ‘Tis good for the mind, body, heart, and soul. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  5. The ancient Greeks referred to a person who was only concerned with his own affairs and not with those in the public realm to be an idiot. Thus the original term referred to someone so self absorbed as to not take up their civic duties. I like this definition as opposed to the use of the word to describe persons with diminished intellectual abilities. I think the turning outward and putting others first or at least considering the impact of our actions on those around us makes us so much better than “idiots”.

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    • So beautifully stated! Living just for ourselves leads to an empty life. A full life is a generous one and a connected one. Thanks for putting into words the truth about life

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  6. Hello kate I love the poem it expresses how I feel lately. You nailed it my friend !! Please read my blog called ” My Big Mistake “. It explains what I did and how sorry I am for it. I am re-following you again Kate. Thanks !

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