I am a keeper of secrets
of child abuse and paedophilia
of family domestic violence
of gang rapes and torture

of war crimes on both sides
of neighbourhood atrocities
told in graphic detail
gross disturbance of the psyche

these victims filled with fear
and the more secrets I hear
the way to cure such demons
is to blow it all wide apart

have NO secrets
for they eat away
from the inside
corrode our well being

the less you talk about it
it corrupts your very soul
leaving a deep dark hole
manifesting in dysfunction

sharing it with professionals
eases our way to hope
they offer ways to cope
a lifeline up that steep slippery slope

those darkest secrets
really need to see light
nothing was done to cause this
you are each precious, all right

so find someone you trust
don’t allow corrosive rust
healthier to reveal
talk it out to heal

nothing can change the past
find your healthy outlet fast
coz the impact is vast
talking it out will last

D’Verse, Secrets, Merril