surviving secrets

I am a keeper of secrets
of child abuse and paedophilia
of family domestic violence
of gang rapes and torture

of war crimes on both sides
of neighbourhood atrocities
told in graphic detail
gross disturbance of the psyche

these victims filled with fear
and the more secrets I hear
the way to cure such demons
is to blow it all wide apart

have NO secrets
for they eat away
from the inside
corrode our well being

the less you talk about it
it corrupts your very soul
leaving a deep dark hole
manifesting in dysfunction

sharing it with professionals
eases our way to hope
they offer ways to cope
a lifeline up that steep slippery slope

those darkest secrets
really need to see light
nothing was done to cause this
you are each precious, all right

so find someone you trust
don’t allow corrosive rust
healthier to reveal
talk it out to heal

nothing can change the past
find your healthy outlet fast
coz the impact is vast
talking it out will last

D’Verse, Secrets, Merril


  1. I can tell these words were written from a place of wisdom that comes from living this truth. Secrets are never healthy to keep. The trick is to find the right person or people who can help bring secrets out of the dark and into the light of love and forgiveness (not necessarily for the perpetrators but for ourselves).

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  2. Some escape into books and writing. Sometimes trusting others can be a hard road when trust wasn’t a lesson that was available early on. Each day a new dawn to seek the best of the day. That is all one can pray (for the self and those who need to find help to move on in positive ways).

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    • escape will only take it so far … eventually that trust needs to be rebuilt. Either with a close loved one or with a professional. But demons inside will find a way out so best we help that to happen in a healthy manner …

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  3. A good one Kate.
    Recently I have seen some very well made short videos about speaking out loudly when someone tries to abuse. The soul purpose was to educate kids and young adults but they were good for all ages.

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  4. You cannot keep pain in the shadows. When it is brought to light, then healing can begin. So many beautiful souls have endured much affliction; yet, they overcome as one who climbs to a mountain peak and sees only the beauty; the echos of things past no longer chain them. There is freedom for those who take those bold steps, one step at a time…up, up, up, the mountain.

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  5. I ❤ your poem of empowerment and encouragement. The secrets are like kryptonite, sapping our strength. The road to recovery from trauma can take time but the first step has to be telling your story to supportive listeners, while at the same time understanding the machinery underlying the institutionalized and patriarchally entrenched protection of monsters.

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  6. Absolutely, Kate, openness cleanses wounds and even heals them. Frequently, it stops what had been, often, a millennia-long chain of abuses.

    After all, the perpetrators themselves once were victims, as those who made them monsters once were victims themselves, etc., etc.

    All of this is obvious to us, the outsiders, yet the victims themselves are afraid of revealing their secrets, buried beneath mountains of embarrassment, guilt and resignation.

    What to do, then? I can’t say with perfect knowledge, though it seems beneficial to offer our best to those who have been through the worst.

    We may not be as effective as are the professionals, but we still have a part to play.

    Thanks for the heart-rending call to action, Kate!

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  7. A sad circumstance in our world. Truth will set us free is not just a flippant phrase but a signpost to point us the right way. I love the poem on a very serious problem. Healing is hard but the human spirit is resilient!!

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  8. I love how your beginning is discordant and violent, even brutal, and as your words begin to focus on hope, the rhyming and the cadence become more soothing, the message powerful with hope. Beautifully written.

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    • exactly Norah so hopefully educators are teaching kids to call it out … the bullying, the inappropriate touches, etc the instant it happens .. they must know it’s better to talk and that they will be heard!

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  9. The beginning of your poem was sure very sad and not very good to the taste with what is happening with us human beings but later the poem turned out to be nice when we take the strength and go and talk it out with people or organizations who support the cause. Nice poetry, Kate.

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    • hey there are many who turn it right around to become very successful in their own way … they have real inner strength! But the torture not so good recovery and china specialises in it!

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