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Martin Luther King and Ghandi must be turning in their graves as all their efforts for equality still struggle to take seed. African Americans slaughtered by the police. Hindu fanatics excluding Muslims … does bring into question why India wishes to annex Kashmir considering it is a Muslim region. First Nation people far too many missing or rotting in institutions.

I can hear both of them clearly crying “the rock cries out to us today, you may stand upon me but do not hide your face”. Time that these quicksands of double standards were addressed realistically to embrace the diverse and wondrous world that we are … let those seeds fall into fertile ground. Stop burying our heads in the sand.

Take heed of their enlightened words for we are all one. Nobody should have to hide their face, their race or their stance!

D’Verse, prose, Frank T


  1. The sickness in the minds of few, while sitting on the powerful chairs of govt and more, is certainly the most venomous of all.
    Those who possess it are certainly doomed to poison a whole nation with their twisted and corrupt mind.

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  2. Agree with you. We still are struggling with the same causes. We might have lived many years but still our thinking has not changed. The rulers still rule the way they want to.
    Hope is always alive but when is always a question.

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  3. Politicians and their play in our World where nothing and no one exists except A Human Being experiencing Herself or Himself in this body but they want to break us all by dividing us into religions. Gandhiji and Martin Luther fought for this only, Kate but our politicians today have not understood them and keep on unnecessary creating hatred and tensions. But this time our people have stood by and are not going to bend down by our Politicians.

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  4. Exactly! Right on, Kate! This is an important post of remembrance, wisdom, hope, challenge, making positive changes in the future, ETC!

    I am grateful for both of those human-beans! And I am VERY grateful for you…for your words that are backed with love and concern for our world!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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