Friday Fun – water

WATER is vital to life, our body consists of sixty percent water,
rain, rivers, lakes, cruising, swimming and so many water sports …

Please share your take on ‘water’ in photos or creative writing?

Or take this opportunity to showcase your collection of water themed pics

go where the prompt leads then link your post back here
and check out the other’s creations!

Richmond River, Ballina NSW


  1. Woda daje życie, ale trzeba pamiętać, że jest żywiołem, który zabiera wszystko, także życie.
    Pozdrowienia zasyłam
    Water gives life, but you must remember that it is an element that takes everything, including life.

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  2. I’ve always been a fan of water. When we moved to our current location; two homes were similar. I chose the one that had the creek that edged the property. Not quite an ocean, but it does attract lovely wildlife. 🙂

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      • no problem Kate, I have a hard time keeping up with all this.
        I’m still surviving, just feel really down about my work situation. It’s been over 4 years already with practically zero work and still no signs of any improvement. I feel completely bummed out that I’ve spent so much of my life to get where I am in my profession and now to find out all that struggle was worthless. I’m being forced into retirement when I still have at least another 10 years of good time to work. I know I’m not the only one in this situation, far from it, but it’s still hard to deal with. 😦

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        • been there and done that … it is tough but here once one is over fifty or not got current experience you are considered on the heap … I keep busy with volunteering, saves dwelling on the hopelessness 🙂


  3. I love water, it’s so peaceful and calming.
    I’ve loads of water pictures on my blog.
    Have you seen the machine created to get water from the air so that poverty stricken countries can get pure water? They cost a lot but I think will be given away too

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  4. Fascinating post, Kate. It is interesting that the life-giving resource, rain, is something many writers ignore! I think since I was a young boy I’ve always enjoyed watching a good rain. And it makes a great backdrop for reading! 🙂

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  5. I know someone who writes just about water and he has taught me so much. His research and careful considerations about harnessing water from irregular sources, even from air in future is amazing. such a good word and topic to talk about at this time of fires, volcano eruptions and fraught.

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