Digby Moran

Digby Moran was a modest man
a first nation local artist
who died Monday at 71 years
he had a big local exhibition
last year but was better known
in Europe where he exhibited
each year in Germany

Digby Moran - 1 (2)

I heard him speak at his mission
his words inspired the children
found inspiration from his
country loved that island where
he grew up and was educated
his art was traditional modern
bright and cheerful, sheer beauty

I posted a picture of Digby giving his talk from his old school ages ago – examples of his art
the feature are geckos, they used to race them as school kids – diamonds were his signature


    • he will have a huge service on the 31st, time for overseas fans to arrive and close to his own community … will be there as I’m also a fan of the person as well as his art 🙂

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  1. Art ennobles. It makes a man more friendly and better. Digby Moran left behind works that will inspire others to work, live and artistry.

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