I often ponder many things
life death and fairy wings
but the one replaying now
has got stuck somehow

Aussie banks charge huge fees
interest rates well below the knees
a national enquiry shocked us all
huge profits by illegal haul

charged for services not delivered
laundered money for terrorism
 paedophilia and other illegal things
their fines a token slap

why don’t we fight back?
it’s really not ok
stash your cash in a tin
keep it handy is not a sin

there’s a threat to go cashless
but seems it would be hapless
monitor every cent spent
aid and abet those bent

really where is the incentive
to even have a bank account
ah but I’m broke
so this chatter is a joke

those with funds
probably ignore all this
for ignorance is surely bliss
sorry for my banking hiss

d’Verse, soliloquy, Frank

an example of the absurdity that people will tolerate!