bank blues

I often ponder many things
life death and fairy wings
but the one replaying now
has got stuck somehow

Aussie banks charge huge fees
interest rates well below the knees
a national enquiry shocked us all
huge profits by illegal haul

charged for services not delivered
laundered money for terrorism
 paedophilia and other illegal things
their fines a token slap

why don’t we fight back?
it’s really not ok
stash your cash in a tin
keep it handy is not a sin

there’s a threat to go cashless
but seems it would be hapless
monitor every cent spent
aid and abet those bent

really where is the incentive
to even have a bank account
ah but I’m broke
so this chatter is a joke

those with funds
probably ignore all this
for ignorance is surely bliss
sorry for my banking hiss

d’Verse, soliloquy, Frank

an example of the absurdity that people will tolerate!


  1. I think banks are greedy, because human greed is increasing. It’s good that you write about it. Let it reach the consciousness of the largest group of people possible. Maybe they will think and look at the banks in their hands?

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  2. What a great hiss, Kate, in poetry form! Brilliant!
    Sadly, we can all relate!
    A friend of mine…her 2 great aunts hid their money in the books and magazines in their home. A LOT of money! 😮 😀 So when they passed away she had to go through all the books and magazines. She gave me some magazines to cut up for art work and art collages and she said, “Let me know if you find any money!” 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. We’ve left banks for their updated list of what we thought were outrageous charges.
    Really what maintenance fee when everything is computerized? If you don’t have a minimum balance… one list was just so extensive that we withdrew every cent.

    There shouldn’t be unreasonable fees. Especially hidden ones. A good rant to inform.
    Like going over doctor bills… an aspirin might bulk cost them .0010th of a cent but they’ll charge you 1.00. I understand some payment due for services rendered but we rarely get an exact cost breakdown. And once you pay a bill, you end up getting a second that says you owe more, but not whom to pay. And then you get a vague accounting that just says ‘supplies’ – really? I know we have to pay for the time of people usage, electric etc, food but isn’t that already built in to the general fee for service?

    Too many laws and not enough law enforcement makes it easy for those who want to take advantage. Something for the Justice Jedi team to add to their list…

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    • lol you read my mind Jules … this was to be the next JJ episode but then the d’Verse prompt side tracked it 🙂

      You were smart in getting out, I don’t get these idiots who stay in even after being ripped off … almost like they want it to happen again!

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  4. That’s it, exactly, Kate. Our responsibility as consumers is to be informed, not inert. Any service provider cannot outpace consumers’ willingness, granted however grudgingly, to pay the price listed. Naturally. We forego the transaction if the service offered isn’t worth at least that much to us. Not just the goods provided, but the convenience as well.

    Please understand, I approach this, perhaps, from a different perspective than do most others here, having grown up in an upper-middle-class family. A description of past condition, and of future aspiration, though, alas, not of present circumstance.

    Anyway, the market allowed comfort, though not affluence, but it also demanded fearsome responsibilities of my parents. The greater the reward, the steeper the demand.

    With the derision comes the pronoun, as I’m one of “Them.” Once, though certainly not now, and perhaps again someday.

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