rain, thanks!

Much thanks for all your prayers!

Last night I actually fell asleep listening to rain … this garden was christened by mother nature for the very first time! It’s such a rare phenomena the gentle sound kept me awake for some time. It rained solidly for an hour and then a few more light showers early in the night.

Other areas are also getting rain and some may even experience flash flooding. Just like us to go from one extreme to another but it’s certainly not the end of the bush fires yet!

Murdoch, the media mogul champion of our dreaded incompetent world leaders, is the one spreading fake news about our fires, the royal family, defaming climate change and goodness at every turn! He seems intent on encouraging hatred and divide … sells his news with sheer sensationalism. Beware his outlets!


  1. Bushfire is devastating and scary Kate but what scares me the most is how the some selfish media companies made money out of this unfortunate event. Photos and news stories about the fire are everywhere and its not even there to help but the increase sales of their news (in all forms of media) this is what scares me the most: when some people are capitalizing over the misfortunes of others.

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    • reporting the news is important, many want to know but Murdoch has directly charged his staff to push arsonists and doesn’t want climate change mentioned; he encouraged our PM to fly os for holidays while the country was burning; incorrect mapping has been issued … it’s just full of lies to push his own agenda … that’s wrong Mich 😦

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  2. The rain! That is good news. I suppose that any precipitation is a help and a relief! I have to agree about the media capitalizing and sensationalizing the tragedy for the sake of making a profit. Also the gossip and scandal used to be restricted to the “rags” people would read at the grocery checkout line. Now it is mainstream! What a world!

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  3. Oh yes, blessed rain! All of it is welcome Kate though I think we need the monsoonal rains up north to come down and drench these fires. As for the media, I’m very picky about what I give my focus to. It’s one thing to be informed and kept up to date by the authorities, which is what we need. It’s another to sensationalise.

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  4. May nature continue to support your area with much needed rains.

    I am always wary of the headline news which seems to sensationalize rather than print fact anymore.

    I wish we could send you rain as easily as this smart gal helped her friend:
    Good News Story

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    • In the areas where I know people the fire danger has eased, roads have opened again so supplies can get thru. Hear the elderly are hardest hit. Getting freaked out by warnings and fearful. My brother has had some of Mum’s friends over to stay when they are too anxious …

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      • similar stories from when my good friend in British Columbia experienced fires in 2017, elderly and infirmed suffered the most. I know you have among the best network of support there but still the magnitude must be draining resources very fast

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        • nothing really prepared for this scale of disaster … Victoria are the most ready as they have already had too many major bushfire disasters. Other states have them frequently but no where on this scale.

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  5. I am happy with the rain, but falling from the extreme due to flooding is not good.
    The world does not think about the causes, but continues to deal with gossip and banality. I can’t understand these behaviors.

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    • the wealthy are filtering our news with propaganda to distract from climate change … they want to keep raping the earth’s resources and have no regard for the consequences!


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