Friday Fun – safety

Safety means very different things to each of us …

More recently helicopters are the prefered vehicles
for rescue and fire management  

so we see and hear them frequently …

Please share by photography or creative writing what “safety” means to you?

Then link it here and check out each others …


    • here when disaster strikes people are lingering to raid homes when they are evacuated … several people whose homes survived returned to find they’d been robbed. Double tragedy is gruesome.

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  1. I built a house with a vision of open space..(no high walls or fence, no towering gates) ..but after few years we realized things have changed drastically over the years. We are no longer safe even in the comforts of our own homes. Much as i enjoyed the open space home with big and tall glass windows, we were forced to build walls to be safe from intruders. Yes we had been robbed once at home. That’s why.

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  2. Our family has always been safety conscious… being involved with volunteer fire and rescue over the years. A new addition to the volunteer haz-mat (hazardous materials unit) is a drone that can safely cover areas that used to only be accessed by folks in protective suits that could only be worn once… now the drone can go in to make a first assessment to see what and if how many people are needed to solve the issue.

    It is to me a mixed issue with all the electronic home safety gadgets that let you see your front door from miles away, or turn on lights and set the thermostat. To me that just give hackers another avenue of theft. And of course all the posting on social media is just an open invitation for theft from those who look for who has posted vacation photos – my commendation would be to post those pictures after you got home.

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  3. We do not feel safe today, and once the houses were not closed.
    Such helicopters should be bought as much as possible, then there would be less tragedy.
    Best wishes

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