there is nothing quite as exhilarating …

as the wind filling that sail
after abiding in the calm

or the balmy breeze
lifting my hair on a sweltering day

or inhaling that fresh sea air
to replenish my oxygen intake

and nothing quite as revealing …

as we’ve all known weeks
of heavy ashen smoky skies

not seeing the sun or
breathing fresh air was glum

knowing that trees are nature’s filter
to purify our air so essential

o - 1 (1)

snow peas … see the third seed finally came up beside this one!

so let’s rejoice, raise our voice …

to sing praise
I need to fill my lungs

with air so precious it makes up
sixty five percentage of my body mass

oxygen is used to treat those with respiratory problems
and is vital for plants and animals, divers and astronauts

dVerse, elemental, Sarah