lead lite

some days my body feels like lead
then I realise it’s all in my head

so when things seem grey
bluish or tarnished with dismay

know those thoughts are poisonous
they are malleable convert them into joyfulness

coz lead can benefit as well
stores my solar power in a cell

makes a pretty ceramic glaze
don’t be grey be amazed!

dVerse, elemental, Sarah


    • I really enjoyed learning more about it to write this Gina …
      miss you at dVerse but I’m enjoying the challenges
      … I might become a writer when I grow up 🙂


  1. Ah yes! There IS a silver lining if we look. I had to smile at the line about the glaze – the studio has banned all lead glazes and any with barium in them as well to prevent confusion as to which ones can be used to produce food safe pieces…

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  2. Right on, Kate! Such a wonderful encouraging poem!
    There are benefits to lead and benefits to light! I hope in your heart you are floating and soaring with as smile, like that beautiful balloon!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Right proper message, Kate!

    How much creativity did would be-alchemists expend trying to make lead into gold, when each already had the power within?

    Unlike unimaginative alchemy, which sought inert gold, merely to spend or to hoard, the transformation you recommend produces a glow sure warm yourself and many, many others.

    Also, as you point out, even lead, not to be outdone, contributes to beauty too. Stained glass’s gorgeous mosaics couldn’t have been assembled without it!

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