new beginnings

Each day offers a new beginning, my opportunity to do better than before. A chance to makes amends for any mistakes with sincere regret. A crucial opportunity to meet others or visit a neighbour in order to expand my network of friends.

Better still the blessing of a random act of kindness to surprise and brighten someone’s day. For my heart shines brighter when I can help others. Whether in my voluntary work or just greeting a stranger with a smile, they cost me so little but make me feel worthwhile.

in blistering heat
I can blissfully refresh
my moral compass

dVerse, beginnings haibun, Bjorn

pic taken this morning, can you spot all the birds


  1. I forget that January is not winter where you are – what a different experience of having beginning be hot and sunny! Well written haibun! Your self-knowledge is particularly refreshing and so on point! ❤️

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  2. I enjoyed your ’spot the birds’ picture as much as your haibun, Kate! Thank goodness for new beginnings, the chance to make amends and those random acts of kindness – they all make the world a better place. I like the wordplay and contrast (blistering/blissfully)!

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  3. What beautiful words of truth and encouragement! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful day! 🙂 Birds! I think I see some flying and some in the tree tops!
    Yes, a new beginning each day!
    Thank you for shining bright wherever you are! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Hauntingly thoughtful, Kate, that amidst profound crisis, you still think of others and devise ways to brighten their days. Were there more like you, and more who followed your example, we’d have much less need for life’s more unpleasant hinderances.

    You made a choice, didn’t you, to create your own sunshine? In so doing, you’ve made not just your own corner of the world sparkle, but also all the way over here, on the opposite side of the globe. What a mitzvah.

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  5. I try to celebrate RAKs as well. It’s amazing how a kind remark can make someone’s day, and somehow the good feeling finds its way back to the giver as well. Nice write..

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  6. One would never guess from the photo that your country is ravaged by wildfires. You’ve said that where you live is far from the fires, but prevailing winds can carry smoke a long way, so you must be out of the winds’ path as well (or maybe the photo was taken before the fires).

    In any case, great photo and senryu (or haiku, as I would call it with my limited knowledge of the difference).

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    • I am a very long way from the current fires and the winds are graciously blowing the smoke over our capital where the fat cats feast!
      And NZ is coping it too I hear, and that’s a lot further away than me 🙂
      But we have had our weeks of smoke filled ashen air … nobody is getting off lightly


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