what will we do with unlawful men
tweak their ears
pull their nose
roast their toes

for these are harsher punishments
than current laws
which have numerous flaws
to allow these outlaws

to rape their daughters
beat their wives
cover for each other
then eventually kill

this violence within families
is woeful
going unchecked

for men make the laws
with loopholes
to ensure they’re protected
ensuring vulnerable are neglected

goals are filled with our bigotry
first nation peoples
mental health
those lacking wealth

others have the funds
to tie our legal system in knots
so law enforcers avoid them
or give them an arbitrary smack

humans have lost their humanity
when those most vulnerable
are sacrificed
by turning a blind eye

the shame and pain penetrate
to unimaginable depths
those that do survive
may not manage to thrive

for the trauma is pervasive
the damage often irreparable
how do we change this ugliness
to bring humanity and safety back

inspired by a chat yesterday with a new follower, you know who you are


  1. …at dinner the other night we were talking about how some states do not help the homeless in positive ways. The example given was that a small convenience store could do nothing to keep out a homeless man who constantly just walks in and takes their inventory without paying. The police will do nothing, because there isn’t any place to put the homeless man. And the owner cannot discriminate against anyone from entering their store -even a know thief.

    I understand that the homeless need protections, but in ‘real services’ (not just political lip service) that could offer benefits not just ignorance to leave them to their own devices to survive.

    I’m thinking the tie in to your post is that whom ever is being abused and cannot find help leave situations that are horrid but really have no place to go because there is no ‘real’ help. There are very few who would take a homeless person off the streets and offer them shelter and fulfill medical needs. Though I have read a few good stories about that including a woman who along with her husband and two children adopted three brothers (that she had already been caring for through foster parenting) to keep them together. Just perhaps those three boys will grow better and beyond their troubled beginnings.

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    • Great point Jules … most of our crimes, those abusing drugs or doing sex work often come from abusive backgrounds and were given no ‘real’ way out. So they hate themselves, they hate society … prevention is better than cure!

      We need to establish safe havens for those in need

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  2. Loved the line where you mentioned men make laws to keep themselves safe. For the question you have asked: Only a mother can teach her child (irrespective of male or female) to be a good human. This is what I think. And the topic is vast.
    Lovely writing 🙂

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  3. You should talk about violence at school and give the phone number that children can call if someone is abused. Then when he grows up, he will know how to cope.

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  4. Powerful, and important! Thank you, Kate!

    I heard a quote tonight and want to share part of it here…for all of the females in our world…
    “Women 18 to 118, when it is time to vote please do so in your own self-interest. It’s what men have been doing for years, which is why the world looks so much like them. Don’t forget: we are the largest voting body in this country. Let’s make it look more like us.” – Michele Williams.

    Of course, we can always do more than vote and we must put love into action before and after we vote. We can help to change our world.

    And I HAVE to add, I’m grateful so so SO grateful for the good men in our world! And so glad I have some of them in my life!

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  5. Very nicely said, Kate and violence which is everywhere. Our world is controlled with a few politicians who are simply becoming more selfish and we humans are all getting sucked into this gamut. We have to get together and come out to safety.

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  6. Oh dear Kate, the rate of domestic violence seems to be increasing, and NOT decreasing within our modern society…..I’m not sure what to say….. But I know It must made be more shameful to be man that part takes of these CRIMES…. It must all start in the early part of the education system…. NOT later on when It’s already happened……… and of course I don’t understand these men at all….. so I’ll stop now,……..

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  7. A moving poem about violence in the modern world. I am always surprised that there is so much violence in the 21st century. There is no proper punishment because men feel unpunished. I believe that they are starting wars and that women and children as weaker beings suffer because of it. You have to write about it.
    Best regards

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