what will we do with unlawful men
tweak their ears
pull their nose
roast their toes

for these are harsher punishments
than current laws
which have numerous flaws
to allow these outlaws

to rape their daughters
beat their wives
cover for each other
then eventually kill

this violence within families
is woeful
going unchecked

for men make the laws
with loopholes
to ensure they’re protected
ensuring vulnerable are neglected

goals are filled with our bigotry
first nation peoples
mental health
those lacking wealth

others have the funds
to tie our legal system in knots
so law enforcers avoid them
or give them an arbitrary smack

humans have lost their humanity
when those most vulnerable
are sacrificed
by turning a blind eye

the shame and pain penetrate
to unimaginable depths
those that do survive
may not manage to thrive

for the trauma is pervasive
the damage often irreparable
how do we change this ugliness
to bring humanity and safety back

inspired by a chat yesterday with a new follower, you know who you are