fire updates

Here are a few points on what is happening over the last five days

On NY eve alone … seven lives were lost! …. 381 more homes gone!!

one eleven year old led his family to safety;

a dummy sucking child accepted his father’s bravery medal … fire fighting dad is gone;

one elderly neighbour picked up two families from his local caravan park as he watched his home of 50 years burn … he managed to pack 17 people and two dogs into a six person dinghy and get them into the safety of the water;

navy evacuated a thousand people from beach resort areas as roads are not usable.

Survivorship guilt is already strong when some homes survive and others are left with nothing

Today is expected to be the worst yet … many were evacuated the elderly are choosing to stay and one refugee family is staying put to aid them with buckets as hoses don’t work .. they are grateful for being been given safety so want to help 

PS please don’t tell me to be safe, these fires are a very long way from me but around where I grew up … an area I know well and I’m glad Mum has gone as she would be very distressed


  1. Somewhere my previous comment has passed. It’s hard.
    Thank you for updating the situation in the country. We are all worried, Regards

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    • we all do Ann even us who are closer … donations are always welcome but they need to be made to a legitimate organisation … scammers have already picked up on this one!


  2. Today, it is only in our newspapers that they report drought and fire tragedies in Australia. The drought is due to the warming of the climate, but the spread is borne by the government, which too late and improperly took action, and the prime minister was on vacation. It’s sad that ordinary people and animals suffer from it. Keep telling me because I read that the next heat wave is coming, so the tragedy will not end soon. I feel sadness when I look at destruction …
    Greetings to all

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    • thanks Ultra, the destruction is continuing and our crass PM incurs only wrath … he’s finally stepped up too late and is now advertising the fact making people even angrier!

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  3. I read your updates via Ivor and commented that In the U.K. the plight of Australia is the most important news item in every bulletin and program. We watch and listen in horror and with deep sympathy.
    Thank you, Kate.

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  4. Thank you for sharing these updates.
    So tragic. So sad. 😦
    We continue to pray. And send our love. Wish we could do more.
    It is always wonderful to hear about people helping people during these horrific tragedies.

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  5. I have seen this in a paper last night about it and the frustrated people who feel nothing is being done.
    I also read that unless you get rain, these fires could go on for some more months. It’s horrifying to think that this could happen, knowing how long they have bern going now, from learning from you about it on your blog.

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  6. This is just too sad. At least there are some heroes that have risen to the challenge. That is a bright spot… I’m not clear on the government’s responsibility for the fires but then again I’m worried about our own government disaster happening and now all the saber rattling on top of it all. It is making it hard to sleep at night…

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    • govt is not responsible for starting them but by gove they should have stepped up earlier to resolve them! Aren’t they meant to protect us?

      Well they all left on holidays and didn’t make any decisions until too late ….


  7. This is the second day our paper has shown photos of the fires there…
    Today the beaches were filled with those who fled or were told to evacuate.

    We who are just witness need to find a way to support our own folks who have befallen some disaster or other – A terrorist of unsound mind walked into a home and left a well respected community member who was 79 with a very sad chance of recovery. May we also find a way to support the brave your way who have lost homes and loved ones.

    I put in an inquiry to one of my son’s who is a firefighter here to see if any of the paid departments he works for or volunteers for have set up some kind of fund. If I had a brick and mortar address of one of your local fire stations… perhaps I could make a direct donation?

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  8. Heartbreaking, egregious, horrifying … there just aren’t sufficient words. The world’s leaders simply MUST shake off the greed/need to appease (get money from) lobbyists and provide misinformation/lies to keep voters on side. Greed and stupidity are winning. 😥

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    • this will take a lot more than rain Cyranny … the fires are joining and creating their own wild weather … turning over fire trucks and ramming them into the ground like an angry child, you can see why they died … 😦

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