Here are a few points on what is happening over the last five days

On NY eve alone … seven lives were lost! …. 381 more homes gone!!

one eleven year old led his family to safety;

a dummy sucking child accepted his father’s bravery medal … fire fighting dad is gone;

one elderly neighbour picked up two families from his local caravan park as he watched his home of 50 years burn … he managed to pack 17 people and two dogs into a six person dinghy and get them into the safety of the water;

navy evacuated a thousand people from beach resort areas as roads are not usable.

Survivorship guilt is already strong when some homes survive and others are left with nothing

Today is expected to be the worst yet … many were evacuated the elderly are choosing to stay and one refugee family is staying put to aid them with buckets as hoses don’t work .. they are grateful for being been given safety so want to help 

PS please don’t tell me to be safe, these fires are a very long way from me but around where I grew up … an area I know well and I’m glad Mum has gone as she would be very distressed