limitless love

we all have a well of limitless love
deep within our hearts
persistent effort will unlock it
as we learn to love ourselves
then radiate that out to others

but most have buried that treasure
with lies greed hatred jealousy
we know what’s right from wrong
except those with no moral compass
but even they have this well and we

can help each other to access it
with support concern and kind care
by polishing off the pollution
we allow love to seep out
first in small bursts but with nurturing

it will flood out in genuine kindness
for everyone and everything
it radiates from us and others feel
comfortably safe in our company
our full potential blooms with love

pic is one week old snow pea


  1. I’ve got no more love to give
    I lost it on a bet
    An ill-advised investment
    That hasn’t paid off yet
    I called the bank. I prayed to God
    I wrote to Santa Claus
    No love to send. No love to lend.
    Can I borrow some of yours?

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  2. looking inside to bless others, I am on the same page, let us not just love ourselves but use that love to help others, well said Kate, a good foot forward in doing not just hoping in the new year.

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  3. Beautiful progression. Kate, leading to an irresistible conclusion, Artfully expressed.

    A bit off topic (OK, WAY off topic), but your snow pea is healthy, vibrant and, well, just amazing. Never thought it’d be possible to nurture such growth in the sub-tropical summer. Rarely have I been so pleased to be wrong.

    You almost certainly know this already, but you are aware the flowers are edible too, right? After the bees and other pollen collectors have had their fill, take a share for yourself. Don’t decimate them, as today’s blooms become tomorrow’s peas, but no-one will begrudge you a sample or two…or three.

    Anyway, they taste just like peas (Really? I don’t say.) and they give salads intriguing pops of color.

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  4. No blooms here with about 3 inches of snow to accumulate this evening. Though I did see a couple of yellow flowers on my odd forsythia even last week!

    Let love grow! Lovely plant. Continued success with your garden.

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