My team and I live very close to those horrendous wildfires currently destroying homes lives and businesses. Our ignorant PM is proof that the dark forces [excessively wealthy] have again selected another puppet who is unable to think for himself or see the damage he’s already done.

The masses are now more motivated than ever so it’s time to get that legal action happening. Nobody wants the system trashed, we just need to bring it back in line. Make these pollies more accountable, ask the awkward questions about how it got to this. They’ve sold off our local industries and resources mainly to the communist chinese. We no longer manufacture cars or steel, they control too many of our natural resources. We’ve been sold out!

Now bear with me I may be directly addressing Australian flaws but fact is this is now a common theme around our world with so many PMs/presidents only interesting in lining their own pockets and suppressing the masses. It has become so obvious that even the less aware are blinded by the similarities. We can no longer ignore the obvious, action is called and our team can help trigger this. We were waiting for public support and a weak useless PM has kindly handed that to us.

The courts are ready with some honest hard working legal eagles who wont be bought. They will now make claims firstly on water rights to regain access to this limited resource. It’s a nation’s right to have access to and use of this vital resource. Our politicians cannot buy and sell it at their will blocking out our farms and towns from vital life giving water. So we start with a concentrated effort on this.

Meanwhile factories and steel works still exist so campaigns begin to reactivated these.

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