fires ignite Justice

My team and I live very close to those horrendous wildfires currently destroying homes lives and businesses. Our ignorant PM is proof that the dark forces [excessively wealthy] have again selected another puppet who is unable to think for himself or see the damage he’s already done.

The masses are now more motivated than ever so it’s time to get that legal action happening. Nobody wants the system trashed, we just need to bring it back in line. Make these pollies more accountable, ask the awkward questions about how it got to this. They’ve sold off our local industries and resources mainly to the communist chinese. We no longer manufacture cars or steel, they control too many of our natural resources. We’ve been sold out!

Now bear with me I may be directly addressing Australian flaws but fact is this is now a common theme around our world with so many PMs/presidents only interesting in lining their own pockets and suppressing the masses. It has become so obvious that even the less aware are blinded by the similarities. We can no longer ignore the obvious, action is called and our team can help trigger this. We were waiting for public support and a weak useless PM has kindly handed that to us.

The courts are ready with some honest hard working legal eagles who wont be bought. They will now make claims firstly on water rights to regain access to this limited resource. It’s a nation’s right to have access to and use of this vital resource. Our politicians cannot buy and sell it at their will blocking out our farms and towns from vital life giving water. So we start with a concentrated effort on this.

Meanwhile factories and steel works still exist so campaigns begin to reactivated these.

300 words of fiction
1. Justice Jedi
2. JJ and her Team
3. World Justice Council
4. Justice Projects
5. Jj’s meeting

please read Ivors “waiting”as it fits nicely with this!


      • Lol! Yes – I am happy for both of them and for Jenna as well! Punam should definitely publish – she is so prolific! As are you! For me – I need to jump that hurdle soon…

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          • Whether you’re gifted or not, your words resonate with people. And I think you are far from lazy – you’re very prolific with your posts! A chap book maybe in your future? With proceeds going to help victims of the fire? 😉

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            • the fires are attracting large donors and will need that … I lean more towards donating to families of domestic violence. I really don’t think enough understand the life long damage inflicted … both are traumatic but it’s more acceptable to be a fire victim …

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    • All across America people are praying for Australia…for the people, and of course, for the animals as well. Australia is blessed with with one of my favorite little creatures…the koala bears!Praying there will be an end to these mega fires swallowing up everything in its path. Praying for the brave souls who will fight these fires.

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  1. You have hammered the nail on the head with most countries leadership. The public must vote in the corrupt people who can make positive changes for everyone not just a limited few. While some ‘leaders’ may have done one or two good things it seems to negate the majority of their ‘promises’ and current actions.

    In my own country, while I find it admirable that there are many organizations to support Veterans – I think they shouldn’t be necessary because the government that soldiers served should be helping them 100% not the maybe 20% to 40% they maybe contributing.

    I know because of lost paperwork in a fire that my FIL who served in WWII got zero benefits. May justice rain heavy in this new decade.

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    • amen to that … yes if they put their life on the line for us the least the country can do is to support them fully!

      We all know the cost of war and while govts. can shirk their duties they will just create more …

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  2. Pretty much described politics and the political landscape here in Canada. Our government refuses to help an indigenous community in our northern reaches to provide them with clean water, due to polluted water sources caused by chemical from pulp and paper industries located upstream at one time. As our NPD party stated, “if this happened in a major city on the city, help and an Federal Inquiry would happen the next day.” We can send a DART(Disaster Assistance Response Team) to a country within 48 hours and have treated and good water flowing immediately. Why not to those living in our own country?

    Still praying a blessing and relief for Australia.

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    • yes, everyone is entitled to clean water and it should start at home! Pollies have sold off our water right mostly to the chinese and now they themselves are investing in water … it’s the new gold. And it should never have come to this 😦

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  3. Important, timely, brilliantly written!

    It’s so scary just how many countries are dealing with politicians…”leaders”… who don’t care about the people they are supposed to be serving. Maybe they don’t know what it means to be a servant…or they do and they are doing the opposite. 😦 We need more servant-leaders who will listen, work hard for the people, commit to make positive changes, commit to building community, etc.

    I’m so sad to know that the fires continue….and those in charge are not doing their jobs properly. 😦


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    • sadly it’s way bigger than any rain could quell now … a state of emergency has been declared with 7 deaths and 14 missing .. people are being forcefully evacuated by naval planes and boats as many roads are down … this is a total crisis and our ineffective PM can’t lead 😦


  4. I have to agree with what you are saying. Once upon a time our countries charged companies taxes for the right to access our natural resources. Now they fight to provide the lowest tax base to attract companies to rip off the populations of our countries. We lose everything and they gain it all complete and utter control. They are dumbing down the populations around the world so they will not be aware of what is going on. I am proud to say I vote for the NDP here in Canada provincially and Federally. Wishing you in Australia all the best in your fight to get what is owed to your people

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    • here our govt spends a small fortune chasing one and two thousand discrepancies from individuals trying to exist below the poverty line while they proudly proclaim 473 large companies, many multinationals like Apple, paid zero tax by shifting their billions of profits offshore … wake up!

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      • I agree they do the same here and some are getting caught and have to pay the taxes they have hidden in other countries. I know what you say as it happens here as Kate. Never give up on fighting for what is right. Others need those who are able and willing to take a stand on their behalves. Be proud Kate as I am proud of you and your friends

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