I awake knowing this must be the decade of change
climate issues can no longer be ignored as we burn
political corruption has peaked so now they must face
the consequences of their unbridled greed …

my neighbour and I take a walk, neighbours rudely
awakened by our chat as we stride. Heavy heads
hung over from their partying the only reprieve they know
we need to learn healthier coping mechanisms in order

to evolve into kinder more thoughtful beans who can
change and challenge our spiralling world, need to reign
it in and this can only happen on an individual level
we know how to be kinder, how to lessen our carbon

footprint, who we can help, no need to accept the material
waste and device zombification we can turn this around
if we act now each small impact is another drop added
to make that roaring waterfall of change we aspire to

I do what I can and pray you each do your best
for we must challenge the status quo to grow
kinder more realistic economical satisfied people
as our inner calm grows it has ripple effect …