decade of change

I awake knowing this must be the decade of change
climate issues can no longer be ignored as we burn
political corruption has peaked so now they must face
the consequences of their unbridled greed …

my neighbour and I take a walk, neighbours rudely
awakened by our chat as we stride. Heavy heads
hung over from their partying the only reprieve they know
we need to learn healthier coping mechanisms in order

to evolve into kinder more thoughtful beans who can
change and challenge our spiralling world, need to reign
it in and this can only happen on an individual level
we know how to be kinder, how to lessen our carbon

footprint, who we can help, no need to accept the material
waste and device zombification we can turn this around
if we act now each small impact is another drop added
to make that roaring waterfall of change we aspire to

I do what I can and pray you each do your best
for we must challenge the status quo to grow
kinder more realistic economical satisfied people
as our inner calm grows it has ripple effect …


  1. your meditative words from a morning walk, awakens and inspires me Kate and I hope all those who read. your words flow from a heart that has experienced much and I am so grateful for your sharing. each of us doing our little bit can change a lot, we need to heed your words and work together. a blessed new decade morning, I am so blessed by your words today.

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  2. Awesome poem! I like how we’ll be better “beans.” I agree, †hough you didn’t mean that, we are grown from the ground and have to reach up to the sky to live with light! Have a wonderful New Year!

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  3. An important poem…wonderful, too.
    Happy New Year, SweetKate!
    I wish you the bestest-ever 2020!
    So many of us here ban together with you to try to make the world a better place.
    Thank you for all of your words, poems, writing, love, inspiration, encouragement, wisdom, ETC., this past year! It meant a lot to me!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. Wonderful and poignant thoughts to start the new year and decade.

    Yes, I also believe this needs to be the decade of change. As individuals, we all need to hold those with the decision making power accountable. Each of us plays a small part; a single drop of water. Those single drops when viewed simply as single drops, doesn’t seems like much. But, when aded together, become a barrel of water that has tremendous potential.

    We need to stop seeing ourselves as single drops that don’t matter. We all matter. If we don’t do something and quick, there might not be much to care about.

    Thanks for the words Kate.

    We keep seeing and hearing on a daily basis here in Canada the devastation of the wildfire’s in your area. We keep praying for you and your country.


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      • yes our sky was shocking for weeks but that intense red and a total blackout 5 hours after sunrise must be super scary. Firetruck were dumped by massive draught created by the fire … they are so massive they are creating their own weather system.

        One lady referred to it as very personal … at 5.30am NY eve she got a warning and by the end of the day she had lost her home, her business and half her town …

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  5. This time of year when the Red Kettles of the Salvation Army are out it is heartwarming to read of the wonderful donations that some folks make anonymously or intentionally.
    One gal put in jewelry worth over several thousand dollars. Some donate gold coins… the anonymous donations are held onto for a month just in case the ‘gifter’ made an error (I didn’t know that!) – I like making antonymous donations – what I don’t like are the continuous onslaught of requests after one makes a donation and then the charity has your address… so much wasted paper. I make yearly donations to some places and have written them stating so. That if I receive additional requests they will be removed from my list! It’s worked for some 😉

    May we all change our thinking to be better ‘beans’.

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    • I read more about the fires where you are today. Some families escaped to boats… I will have to look in our area if there is an organization sending monies to help those in need there…

      My family is also very much into volunteering – through the volunteer fire and rescue services here. Only the larger cities have paid departments. A few years back my Hubby earned his 25 years of service for volunteering with our local place. Now he volunteers with Hazmat. I volunteer my time to my Vet neighbor.

      Here are some places in your area:

      I’m still looking for a postal address or a local place near me. As I do not donate online. Maybe one of our local Fire Stations will accept donations and then make an online donation? I’ll have to ask about that.

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  6. So right Kate my dear friend, it starts with us and the truth we choose to accept the and the choices we make to move forward in a positive direction to help others and let our light flow into lives and hearts of others. Happy New Year! 😊 ❤️

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