ok I have to share this coz it’s so unbelievable … less than 48 hours after I stuck some passion fruit cuttings into the soil two tentacles had already found the bicycle wheel wall. Doubt any roots have grown yet the vines have already latched onto the recycled wheels set in place for them to climb.

garden - 3.jpg

Miracle 2, less than 48 hours later shoots are already coming through! Doubt they are the snow peas I planted so will have to wait a few days to ensure I’m not growing prolific weeds.  Usually only weeds grow that quickly …

garden - 2.jpg

Miracle 3 spotted a native bee dancing on my jade plant. So lovely to see bees and know that they have survived all the bushfires and drought. Am so praying that my garden will encourage them to visit more often.

garden - 1.jpg

Please share a garden or growing story?

pics to follow, having internet issues tonight …