nature’s magic

ok I have to share this coz it’s so unbelievable … less than 48 hours after I stuck some passion fruit cuttings into the soil two tentacles had already found the bicycle wheel wall. Doubt any roots have grown yet the vines have already latched onto the recycled wheels set in place for them to climb.

garden - 3.jpg

Miracle 2, less than 48 hours later shoots are already coming through! Doubt they are the snow peas I planted so will have to wait a few days to ensure I’m not growing prolific weeds.  Usually only weeds grow that quickly …

garden - 2.jpg

Miracle 3 spotted a native bee dancing on my jade plant. So lovely to see bees and know that they have survived all the bushfires and drought. Am so praying that my garden will encourage them to visit more often.

garden - 1.jpg

Please share a garden or growing story?

pics to follow, having internet issues tonight …


  1. I have odd forsythia. They are generally a spring blooming plant. I have moved several cuttings around my yard. They bloom when ever it is warm enough even during the winter… yes bloom their little four petal flower… no leaves, but flowers! 😀
    May your garden continue to prosper!

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  2. Astounding, Kate! In fact, you chose the better word, in “miraculous.” Obviously, your passionfruit cuttings were ready to go, awaiting one chance, any chance.

    Given a fortunate environment, they’ve erupted. My compliments, Kate, and this proves you nurture not just your own species

    Not many gardening stories from Up North, as the season switched over to winter just a week or so ago, but your success with passionfruit does recall my own experiences with ginger last spring. Didn’t expect much when I committed to the soil a supermarket leftover, but I’m glad to have been wrong. A particularly pleasant surprise this far from the root’s native tropics.

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  3. oh wow! that was truly spectacular and you caught it on time. i believe it is timing too, the season just ripe as they say. things are starting to blossom again here after the solstice. cheers to your gardening and green thumbs Kate!

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    • lol let’s wait and see Gina, we have strict water restrictions with this shocking fire season … if they stop me watering at all [highly probable] then nothing will grow in this scorching heat 😦

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    • lol you are a dreamer Irma 🙂

      If they are already clinging to my wall of wheels they will reach the sky soon enough! Plenty of bidlife, lizards and cows … but not seen any chickens yet 🙂

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      • The “Jack and the Beanstalk” fairy tale was one of my favorites as a child even though I felt sad for the giant after Jack stolen all his precious things. Now, “wall of wheels” sounds like something fantastic! Picture please?

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  4. I don’t seem to have a green thumb – more like a black thumb. Every plant I bring into my home dies. All the plants outside now have gone dormant under the cold and impending snow storm…

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  5. Love this, Kate. It’s so exciting to see new life. Native bees are awesome. We need more of them.
    I just popped in to thank you for your amazing support during the year and to wish for you all you wish for in 2020. May it’s promises of good things be fulfilled.


  6. You must be feeling really happy to see the garden flourishing slowly after all the hard work you put in it. Loving the green leaves. Waiting to see when they will capture the whole colourful wheel setup. 🙂
    Happy for you 🙂


  7. You’re a Good Man. You love every life. Your plants have a strong will to live and therefore survive drought. It is winter with me, but I have home windowsills filled with herbs, and in the spring I plant honey plants on the balcony so that bees and other insects have a meal. Regards

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