welcome in the new decade

Here are a few useful tips on how to clear out the old and focus on the helpful … and don’t worry about when you read this but please start within the week
… it’s never too late!

1. CLEAN your home, no matter how huge or humble, top to toe.

2. Not in one day, take a few weeks, do a Marie Kondo on your drawers and storage

3. Backup all the ‘stuff’ on your devices, it makes a clean cut … then delete

4. Ensure you sort any ‘unfinished’ business eg last will written; family informed of your wishes; bills paid; catch up with old friends; revisit that bucket list; appts

5. Closely consider where your time and energy has gone recently, is this healthy?

6. Now list where you prefer to focus your time and energy … make priorities

7. If you’ve been stuck in a rut devise some creative ways to ‘emerge’

8. Writing/blogging is it fun or to become professional, write out those steps now


I take every opportunity to do these things but the beginning of a new decade is an ideal opportunity for all of us to rethink and refocus on which direction we would prefer to take.

This was inspired by Glen’s thought provoking post on the topic. When I first began blogging I did write one of those posts with most viewed and best posts, etc coz that’s what others were doing. Frankly it was interesting to review the statistics, now I know it means little.

Those of us blogging for a few years know that our ‘favourite’ posts are not always well received. While posts we wonder about are well read and received … there is no rhyme or reason in blogging. The real bonus is the friendships made and the healthy discussions that arise. The love respect and connection are pure gold!

thanks for visiting and hope to see you in the New Year …
I’m having a quiet one, enjoy whatever you are doing!


  1. Good morning Kate….wow… I hadn’t even thought about the New Year being the start of a “New Decade” until you had mentioned it…..wow… and because I was born in 1951, that means I’m approaching the end of my 7th Decade…… wow…. I’m thinking to myself,
    I’m well seasoned…… the stuffing’s still tasty
    I’m well travelled…… I desire to do more
    I’m well worn…………..It’s time to buy a new pair of ‘rocking shoes’
    I’m well, almost……….enough to keep pedalling “Yorkie”
    I’m well aged ………….. here’s cheers to cheers, a toast of wine to you, to another decade of living life…

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        • Thank you Phyllis for following my blog/website, I hope you enjoy my humble writings, and I’m from, Geelong, Australia…
          Hi, I’m Ivor, a retired plumber, and a former industrial chemist. I’m now a serious poetry writer. I’ve had many poems {not books) published, and for me that’s nice. I started writing about 19 years ago. Then most of my works were kept private in my desk draws. My wife suffered from severe MS and I was her primary carer. Basically, my writings were about her, and our trials and tribulations over the 30 years of her illness. Sadly, Carole passed 7 years ago, and I’ve gradually become more public with my poems and in June 2017 I decided to start a blog site.

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          • It’s nice to know you. There is a richness only those who have dealt with chronic, debilitating illnesses or injuries understand. When those we love suffer, there is an extra weight we carry which demands a strength of character we learn to develop. Faith has been my guidepost, especially when the hardest days come.
            I’m sorry for your loss. Having lost both my sons, I’m no stranger to grief.
            I look forward to knowing more about you following you.

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            • Thank Phyllis, but I’m very sorry and sad to hear about your losses…..
              And yes we learn in a special way how to cope, and our compassion, patience, and thankfulness grow within us……Cheers, Ivor….

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  2. Good advice!
    Love the quote!
    In 2020 may we have 20/20 vision…physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially! And I hope this new year involves dreams, goals, imagination, wisdom, action, etc. 🙂 YAY! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Excellent advice and motivation, Kate and yes from all these lovely points I am going to take the point of doing what I like and being busy and giving time to listening and reading good books. Happy New Year 2020 and nice to be friends with you and all on WordPress. This is such a beautiful platform to write whatever we feel is also good and inspiring for all.

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  4. One way to help ‘clean house’ is to regift that which you don’t want to donate – especially when you know it is going to a family that will enjoy it. 🙂

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  5. Happy New Year, Kate! Let’s carry 2019’s triumphs forward to give 2020 an unfair advantage. Make it the nicest year in the neighborhood.

    Isn’t that always the way with blogging? I produce a regrettable post, which makes me cringe when I read it. “Was I drunk (or five) when I wrote this?”

    Instantly, everyone partakes. Darn- this thing just won’t go away quietly.

    Meanwhile, let us write something that, well, makes us beam.

    Two years later, “Total Views…”


    Oh, come on! Seriously?

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  6. Yep, that is a great way to begin a new year: cleaning out the old! And as for blogging, I have the same experience. My personal favorite posts are usually the ones that don’t do so well, stat-wise. But who cares? I’m not blogging for profit, and I enjoy my blog because it’s a creative outlet and it puts me in a wonderful community of fellow writers!

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  7. I thought about it, listened to the advice and made a list. We will see if implementation will be easy.
    Happy New Year. Let him be better than the one who leaves.
    Be happy and joyful Kate despite all adversities!

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