when animals or plants become rare
bordering on the edge of extinction
we make a big noise campaign
raise funds and try to save them

yet there is one word
bordering on extinction
largely missing from our vocab
and even more invisible

as a character trait
rarely acted upon
becoming defunct
just where did “integrity” go?

the quality of being honest
and living by strong moral
principles has almost vanished
forgotten in our throw away world

of instant gratification
greed and material pursuits
its been whittled away
it’s become so rare

most of my heroes
oozed integrity
they knew what it meant
and let it guide their lives

for them it was a way of life
integral to their core values
now it’s seldom mentioned
but even rarer to find those

who would abide in true
honesty and morality
how did this happen
our world is less for it

how can we redeem
this noble way of life
where this quality
is regarded highly

integrity should be our way
of life not a word without
meaning … please bring
it back, make it a trend!