missing word

when animals or plants become rare
bordering on the edge of extinction
we make a big noise campaign
raise funds and try to save them

yet there is one word
bordering on extinction
largely missing from our vocab
and even more invisible

as a character trait
rarely acted upon
becoming defunct
just where did “integrity” go?

the quality of being honest
and living by strong moral
principles has almost vanished
forgotten in our throw away world

of instant gratification
greed and material pursuits
its been whittled away
it’s become so rare

most of my heroes
oozed integrity
they knew what it meant
and let it guide their lives

for them it was a way of life
integral to their core values
now it’s seldom mentioned
but even rarer to find those

who would abide in true
honesty and morality
how did this happen
our world is less for it

how can we redeem
this noble way of life
where this quality
is regarded highly

integrity should be our way
of life not a word without
meaning … please bring
it back, make it a trend!


  1. There are everyday heroes – I think the front page of the news or the leading story of the day should be about them before the rattling reports of dis- ease…
    I shouldn’t have to go looking for good stories like those who help each other without expectation of reward. Those folks who remain antonymous to pay of school lunch dept – and yet because one man allowed his story to be told he set off a chain reaction of others wanting to do the same. That is true wonder and integrity 🙂

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  2. Integrity has become a choice which I think. People categorise and select according to their profits. Don’t know what is the actuality of this real world.
    This is lovely.

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  3. Excellent, SweetKate! 🙂
    Integrity (and other positive character traits) should just be the norm. We should be able to live it…and expect it from others in all areas of life.
    Loyalty, Responsibility, Truthfulness, Accountability…etc. This should be how we live, even when no one else is watching.
    Integrity is everything!

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  4. Beautifully and profound words said, Kate. I think that there are many of us who are thinking of seeing a united world and even in a small way with effort things may improve. We need to all think in a positive way and give our energies towards this goal. Lovely poem.

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  5. It is so true that we have become a “disposable” society. Not only have people decided that if something is broken to toss it onto the junk heap but they have extended the same philosophy to the environment, relationships and people. It explains the disregard for elderly, children, the unborn, oceans, animals, the refugee, the immigrant, mentally ill, the list goes on. It is a very frightening state and though not impossible to correct, will take time and effort. I’m not sure we have that much time as a species!

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  6. You are so right about this! Nowadays when someone shows some integrity – like returning a lost wallet, etc. – it makes the news, like it is so rare that when it happens it must be announced! I agree with Mich that it should start at home but the lack of role models in the larger world context make it a hard virtue to uphold.

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  7. Honestly, (hah! wasn’t trying to be funny) I think it’s still there. I still see people reaching out to others in disasters, returning a wallet full of cash, volunteering, donating to charities ets. Obviously some people still have integrity and morals but that’s not what makes the news. We only hear about the bad things that happen because that’s what (some) people are drawn to, personally I don’t even watch T.V. news anymore because too discouraging. I read the newspaper but only because I can pick and choose what I read. Good thoughts. Thanks for making me think.

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  8. I just wrote a double Haiku for you Kate,


    Be fair, truthfully
    Humans are not endangered
    Show integrity

    Animals need us
    Ethically let’s unite
    Honour our assets

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