once the elves are asleep
I take a careful peep
for I love this silent night
just before my big flight

another year of labour
for kids and neighbour
each year my gifts mean more
as poverty and greed I abhor

my gift this year will be
safe security and shelter
for all those in dire need
fruit and veg for all to feed

medicines and good health
bring peace and inner wealth
for most life is far too tough
yet we all deserve enough

abundant love for everyone
for all are equal under this sun
I’ll plant a kindness seed
so everyone will concede

that caring for each other
like mother sister brother
is healthier than unrest
for war and greed infest

it’s time to heal and move on
for few have been having fun
life is far too short
for us to be caught

in maliciousness violence
hate jealousy or bullying
for real peace and contentment
we must eradicate all resentment

so as you wake this Christmas morning
make this prayer an inspired warning
for those who feed off greed
there is no need we will be freed

wish this strongly in your heart
so that we may sincerely start
to care and share with all
catch any who might fall

for there is no measure
we are all a real treasure
give respect and love now
we can help each other somehow