get curious or choke

when I find myself squeezing
to accept others differences
it’s like having a fish bone
stuck in my throat, choking

my airways n the way to my heart
in my unease I feel dizzy
my mind blurs in a tizzy
best release is tolerance

by being curious about differences
others become an extension of me
sets my heart and mind free
the choking sensation eases

sure I can’t ‘trust’ everyone
but to stop jumping to conclusions
I need to be more open to inclusion
for we are all one in wanting content

so why make each difference an event
each challenge is my lesson sent
to enable personal growth and build
on my character, mission fulfilled

for those who impress most
make everyone feel precious
they are genuinely kind
in their company I unwind

while those of narrow mind
seem threateningly blind
instinct says beware
for others they have little care

so my gut knows it well
gotta step outta my cell
be open and accepting
so we share the blessing


  1. Really nice thoughts but that fish bone in throat line just reminded me about what Jia, my wife, went through few years ago.
    A tiny stuck fish bone in her throat kept her restless for more than 3 hours. We consulted doctors, tried every oldwives trick in the book but to no avail.
    Jia finally felt relieved when that fish bone somehow reached back into her mouth from her throat and she quickly spitted it out.

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  2. Sure, I’m pretty confident in my beliefs, Kate, which makes all me the more curious about others who have found another answer.

    It makes me think and, at times, even reconsider what I believed. Yes, it has happened.

    Who knows? Perhaps I’ve had a similar effect on someone else. Maybe, maybe not. All part of life’s buoyant journey.

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  3. Truly accepting others does require effort on our part, and a certain amount of courage to step outside of our comfort zones. But it’s the only way we will ever move toward peace. Loved this poem, Kate!

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  4. I can not abide by those who say all is well only when things go my way.
    Some faiths are like that… Some faiths even had/have the audacity to convert the dead so that those souls will go to ‘their’ idea of heaven….

    Tolerance needs to be taught from day 1. I do think it is is nice though when I read a story like this: Good News Here

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  5. I was smiling at the opening verse when you said accepting others differences is like a fish bone stuck in your throat…i can totally the last and closing verse hit me the hardest, as it is true accepting could also be sharing..

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  6. Wonderful shot Kate and so are the words.
    After watching and reading about recent developement in India this poem makes so much sense.
    Being open and accepting is necessary to progress.

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  7. Much truth and a challenge to others hidden in the lines as well! To be open to the differences and acknowledge them is to step through the mental fence that separates “us” from “them”!

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