gift poem

I crochet these myself
maybe a cap for an elf
or better for your feet
or to cushion a hard seat
use them as you wish
maybe to wipe a dish
but they are made with love
because Mum you are my turtle dove

d’Verse, gift rhymes, Bjorn
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    • as a minimalist who is anti-materialism [wow that’s a mouth full] Frank I have always regifted if I can’t use something. Some stopped giving gifts but they also know it works both ways. If someone else needs it more you pass it on!

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  1. I crochet scarves these days mostly to gift away. Our library had a ‘Giving Tree’ for hats mittens, and scarves – I’m not even sure where they are donated. But that’s where some of my scarves went this year…

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    • sure do my grandmother taught us before we started school + knitting [i failed that class, Frank passed with flying colours tho] + embroidery and crocheting … 3 brothers and I, so we have no excuses 🙂

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  2. It often are those handmade gifts that have the most impact and lasting value. Lynn’s grandmother when she was alive, knitted me a pair of white woollen socks one year for Christmas. Cosy, warm and exceedingly comfy to wear. I wore them until there was almost nothing left of them.

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  3. It is good you are able to create hand made gifts for your friends. It is personal and cannot be replicated. Have a blessed Christmas and I hope you are no where near the bush fires.🌲🍻💕blessings

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