A cool breeze deceives us of the warm day ahead. Birds call as the wildlife awaken. We feast on our favourite morning beverage and hearty breakfasts at Lucia’s as I open our meeting informally.

“Now how are Daisy and Ted progressing with that morality test for our leaders?”

“They are really powering with support from their university and post-grad students. The test is very close, being fine tuned now and it will be trialled very soon” said Reg.

“Great now how is our universal citizenship campaign going in order to demolish borders?”

“More are understanding the essence of ONE set of legislation for all, along with the cost effectiveness of mutual flags with no national anthems, shared police, courts and secret service organisations. Emergency services will respond from the nearest location regardless of state or country border. Progress is becoming smoother as the common ground and fiscal efficiency are repeatedly proving successful. But evidence, time and more analysis will convert those opposed.”

Punctuated by a pelican breaking the surface, meetings seem more amicable in congenial surroundings. We take time to eat and drink while chatting quietly amongst ourselves.

“Now how are our education and housing projects going?”

“All on schedule as the donations are flowing in nicely, so many agree that this is a long overdue change. Educators are rejoicing that their voices and suggestions are igniting enthusiasm in learning once again. Still more funds are needed to cover those regions most damaged by recent wars. Any more ideas for resourcing?”

“We’ll pass on your request to that committee as they have some worthy connections.”

“Now how are the new approaches to domestic violence, custodial issues and cruelty to animals going? Oops sorry no time for that today, it will be first on our next agenda along with sexual consent.”

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