as greed and hatred grow
craziness abounds
many overwhelmed
by a sense of hopelessness

yet many also know
that care and kindness
will grow as we genuinely
connect with love and respect

politicians obsessed by greed
can no longer fill our need
so we must lead by example
simple acts of kindness are ample

by helping each other
lend a hand smile or kind words
restores our faith in humanity
firmly grounds us in sanity

don’t let disturbance blind you
we can turn around that view
for we have a good heart
so kindness we can impart

materialism consumerism brainwash
devices lull us into mindlessness
leaves us isolated excluded
but we the masses are included

when we reach out to each other
for we are all one tribe
not the duality they contrive
show kind care to survive!

d’Verse, utopia,Mish