respectfully kind

if I have no respect
then I struggle to be kind
yet the more I respect
kindness flows easily

yet I can respect others
even if we don’t fully agree
as my world and each critter
genuinely deserve respect

but if it’s evident that
it’s clearly not mutual
then I need to tread wary
for kindness won’t follow

if others don’t respect me
then best that I flee
for kindness won’t be
better I set them free


    • the more kindness you show the more returns .. even for frustrated teachers 🙂
      But if they join in Justice Jedi’s new education scheme their frustration will simply evaporate 🙂

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  1. Oh, Kate, what a vital lesson you impart (a lesson, by the way, which your solicitude illustrates – you don’t just “talk the talk”).

    Too often, we mistake “respect” for “agreement.” As such, if I disagree with someone, I can’t respect him.

    Absolutely wrong.

    Some humility is in order. No matter what frames my beliefs, there are hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, who’ve come to a different conclusion.

    They may be wrong, but they’re still companions on this journey through life.

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  2. I’ve left many a part time job due to the inability of the leadership to recognize my kindness. Sort of fell into the do your work well and you will be rewarded with… more work. I’m not sure how some ‘bosses’ get into management when they can’t manage themselves. Some of those bosses cheated on their wives and families, others were micro managers, and some were blinded by favoritism instead of justice. Happy to not have to deal with that part of life anymore. I’m not sure how well I would do as a ‘boss’ of others – But I think one needs to stay within the rules for all employees. And Bosses need to show respect equally. Without respect for workers and customers, I think a business can fail quickly.

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  3. i love the word and meaning of the word kindness, i grew up with kindness and have also witnessed a lot of unkindness, your poem is like a song Kate, there’s a tempo i feel reading it.

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    • we do and it is one of the solutions to a broken world, not just the ideology of kindness but things that make kindness tangible and real, no more indifference, apathy and selfishness, these are the steps to changing this world. I love that we are on the same page. a friend and I had a conversation recently, the conclusion was, hope alone is not enough, we need action. I kind of like how he put that.

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  4. Excellent! Yes, you are so right, Kate!
    I think people can, and should, respect others and treat them kindly. When people are cruel or disrespectful then we do need to put up boundaries to protect ourselves.
    I’ve found that most people will return respect and kindness when they are treated with respect and kindness.
    Your poem makes me think about the words/poem attributed to two people…Mother Teresa AND Dr. Kent Keith. I think it’s title is “Do It Anyway”.
    I think it’s sad today that some people think they can only be friends with people who have everything in common with them/and think the exact same way. They are missing out on knowing some amazing people. I’ve learned more from people who are not like me in every way, than from those who are exactly like me. (I find the people exactly like me a bit boring! 😉 ) People who have different beliefs, growing up experiences, religion, politics, etc., have helped me learn and grow, too.
    HUGS and sorry for my l-o-n-g comments!

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    • I know the poem you mean, it’s so powerful … you are welcome to write an entire post in my comments section Carolyn as I’m always grateful for your added wisdom!
      You contribute so much to the discussion and that’s what this is all about 🙂

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  5. Respect is so fleeting and I’m certain that kindness is in short supply in my area as well. I think we have lost trust. Trust gives us the courage to be kind and to offer respect.

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    • trust is something much deeper and needs to be built .. I do believe that we can have much more respect and kindness in our hearts on a daily basis for complete strangers and those close!


  6. The truth which I have longed to write and will in some days. One can only respect if one receives the same.
    People are themselves losing their worth. 👏👍 Admire your writing.

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