my castle

if home is truly our castle, a sanctified refuge
then it should reflect us and our ideals
the location, size, outlook, power source
all carefully depict what we value most

if there is inconsistency
then we need to look within
have we lived within our means
and true to our ethics

this is my off grid tiny home
in a rural setting with recycled
wheels for vines as I set up
my fruit and veg ….

life becomes more meaningful
when our lifestyle matches
us and our values
consistency eases our mind

Does your home reflect you and your values?

Friday Fun – garden art
d’Verse, OLN #256, Grace


  1. I try very hard to have my home reflect my true self and my values. And you’re right, the older we get, the more important it becomes to have our entire lives aligned with our values and beliefs!

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  2. I like that unique way to recycle old bicycle tires! I’ve got a few areas that I could do that with… Now if I could find a place that gets some sun for some beans come spring…

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  3. artistic and practical, a very zen feeling to your poem Kate. when I think of home it is always a safe and comfortable place, somewhere all are welcome and always food on the table, don’t need much than the essentials for that. you have a lovely place in the world.

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  4. I love the use of the bicycle cute.
    My home/house definitely does. It’s actually my MIL’s house so..yeah. 😉 I hope one day to paint it the way we want inside but until the money becomes available we live in as she ‘decorated’. 😉

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  5. Love this poem! 🙂
    Love your castle! 🙂
    Love your wheely great home for future climbing vines! 🙂
    And you certainly made what started out as a house into a home! Warm, welcoming, wonderful home!!! 🙂

    Yes, our home reflects us and our values…we’ve, also, made it welcoming, warm and fun. We want anyone who comes in to feel comfortable, like our home is their home, to relax and have fun fun FUN, etc. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. Yes, recycle, upcycle, even cycle, I love your wheel frame, fabulous, and your lines of encouragement to care for life by the way we live, and I agree, life is so much better when integration happens.

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  7. I love your post Kate. Your home looks amazing and I love the wheels – whimsical and colorful, not to mention useful 🙂
    I am actively working to make our home more consistent with my desires! 🙂 thanks for the reminder to keep moving.

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