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Sunbeam, Reg and Ray’s adopted daughter, the mechanic apprentice has a passion for recycling and repairing objects. So if anyone finds a broken lawnmower, washing machine or old car she has a huge shed at home to work on a few projects at any one time and then the boys always seemed to know when one of their regulars at the cafe ‘needed’ such an item.

They never gave them away as they know people don’t value freebies. But they have that knack of accurately gauging just how much the person could afford and sold it to them at that tailored price. It meant that they often took a loss but it fed Sunbeams passion and they deemed it part of their community contribution.

So there are local projects as well as global ones, with each contributing our skills to improve our world. Ted and Daisy the psychiatrists were developing that ethics test for world leaders while the ideas for this World Council grew.

No flags or borders, all tribes and beliefs included; improved health, housing and education for all those in need. It would cap those leaders income at double the subsidy for our aged and sick. Tithing it to this would keep them more honest about fair income redistribution.

Scruff my trusty blue heeler has unbelievable sniffing powers and is an innate judge of character. He knows when anyone needs a furry pal to pet or just a wet nose to know they are not forgotten. He is his own boss but always seems to know when and where he’s needed. He has this amazing way of manifesting just at the right moment.

Of course there are a full range of pets included but Scruff takes the lead being my pal.

Share a project that needs our attention?

300 words of fiction, cutting it back to hopefully entice a few more readers …
1. Justice Jedi
2. JJ and her Team
3. World Justice Council


  1. Did you know that there was/is a dog that could sniff out cancer! I’m not sure when I read about that. But early detection for disease and having folks willing to train service animals or adopt those animals that have health needs…

    I have also read some articles where some folks have adopted Vets into their homes – one couple had as many as three different vets living in their home becoming part of their family.

    Another idea that has seen limited attention is having mixed day care for young children and aging adults. A community that works together, works, grows and plays in wonderful ways. 🙂

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    • yes heard about these dogs … know my body had a very different odour when I had the cancer … returned to normal now 🙂

      Sharing your home with Vets, love the idea and not heard of it before but how inspiring!

      We had a series here about a preschool class of 4yo attending an aged care facility … it improved everybody’s health and mood … should be more of it as it makes good sense 🙂

      Thanks heaps Jules!

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  2. I vote for Scruff to be in charge! Human-beans should approach people, and life, like Scruff does. 🙂

    Blue Heeler…but it makes me thing of a Blues Healer…pets often help us heal from our sadness, and other negative emotions.

    Your characters are rich in character and they will accomplish a lot! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. There’s something comfortably warming about a self-contained, self-sufficient little town, the sort of place where a talented mechanic takes in things that are on their way out and uses her skills to resurrect them.

    It is, much more so than today, a world our parents and grandparents knew.

    Not to disparage our current mobility. Yes, we’ve lost some of the “coziness” of decades past, but we also have so much more information to gather and new experiences to savor.

    Which one is better? A question for the philosophers, whose membership evades me.

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    • my father used to do that, repair anything for others while our door was falling off it’s hinges. But I am creating a utopia here so all suggestions are warmly welcomed Keith 🙂

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