I love my broad vast country
from dry deserts to creeks
rain forests to sacred rocks

starkly contrasting
ever echoing
my country and my people

we’re known to travel
but always return home
to familiar sights and sounds

that echo across our land
some harsh some timid
it is my country and people

extreme weather
ensures close acquaintance with
floods and wildfires

but resilience is our strength
we love the echo of our land
for nothing else compares

the call of birds and wildlife
the staunch native flora
kangaroos kookaburras koalas

we are a unique brand
sacred to our traditional owners
who’ve already survived so much

their cries of anguish echo
hauntingly across our land
incarcerated stolen abused

they cared for country
now our greed is breeding
unnatural disasters

our cities over priced
our politicians corrupt
resources sold to china

where will we end up
this country that we love
may become an empty echo

D’Verse, echo, Merrill