my country #echo

I love my broad vast country
from dry deserts to creeks
rain forests to sacred rocks

starkly contrasting
ever echoing
my country and my people

we’re known to travel
but always return home
to familiar sights and sounds

that echo across our land
some harsh some timid
it is my country and people

extreme weather
ensures close acquaintance with
floods and wildfires

but resilience is our strength
we love the echo of our land
for nothing else compares

the call of birds and wildlife
the staunch native flora
kangaroos kookaburras koalas

we are a unique brand
sacred to our traditional owners
who’ve already survived so much

their cries of anguish echo
hauntingly across our land
incarcerated stolen abused

they cared for country
now our greed is breeding
unnatural disasters

our cities over priced
our politicians corrupt
resources sold to china

where will we end up
this country that we love
may become an empty echo

D’Verse, echo, Merrill


  1. These are difficult times for many lands for sure. At the same time, we read many small stories of good deed everyday and I hope these good deeds will overcome the big bad one day. We all have to perform our share of duty.

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  2. I have democracy in my country. So what if one party thinks it has a monopoly on power, so it bribes with voter promises. The terrible thing is that for a few euros people can buy.
    Your poem full of concern for the country reminded me of my own situation in my country.

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  3. I can feel the love and great emotions in your words, SweetKate! So well-expressed! You wrote this one from your heart!
    I wish more peoples in every country would think about the beginnings of the country and what the good people stood for and died for. Maybe if people alive today truly thought of them, and appreciated them, things would be handled in much better ways than they’re being handled today. 😦

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    • yes our world would be a much better place!

      My respect for these people has grown enormously the more I work or volunteer with them. Others tend to focus on those struggling with generational trauma, I see so much strength and resilience. .. and ongoing abuse at every level 😦

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  4. you have echoed and conveyed the essence of your people and land. your words echo my visit to melbourne museum about the journey, anguish and triumph of all peoples of Australia were magnificently told and displayed. was like walking through natural history, much like this poem of yours Kate, this are truly beautiful heartfelt words.

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  5. I like the way you discuss echoing here. It could apply to the U.S., too. 😦 I actually didn’t feel like this was totally bleak because at the end you what may happen–that means there is still still a chance it won’t. (Honestly, I feel more discouraged every day, but inside I’m still a bit of an optimist.)

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