Bin on a few trips with the folks to camp on the various arroyos. Trying to memorise these river names for school.

But our best fun is the annual yacht races where most vessels are built from empty beer cans. We have to hold our ‘yacht’ about waist height as the teams race through the dry creek bed. Everyone turns out as it’s a sight to behold, laughter all round for the entire family.

This year most of us crashed as a cow is screaming across the arroyo and we just collapsed laughing. Bet the poor cow didn’t think it was funny but how many yacht races get stopped by a bovine?

Local rag got a few good shots to preserve the occasion. Nothing like outback folks to make fun of the smallest thing, we will talk about this for many years to come!

d’Verse, flash fiction of 144 words or less using the sentence
“A cow is screaming across the arroyo.”, Linda
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