what is worse than rape?

An ex-PMs daughter was brutally raped three times by his colleague, a member of her father’s party. But as dad was making a bid for party leadership he asked her suppress it. No legal proceedings or public outcry. He feared it would mar his chances.

Worse still he remained close friends with the perpetrator right up until death parted them!

Another daughter has asked us not to think less of her father for this … but the one thing worse than rape is to ignore it!

I have no idea how that daughter felt with her father not only condoning her rape but also staying mates with her rapist!           … it’s the boys club!


  1. A female is always supressed. And this male is disguising himself to be a father who actually is helping the rapist by being friends.
    She should have just gone public.

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  2. It is horrifying to know that there are men, fathers, whose love of power has so strangled their humanity they are willing to literally “look the other way” when their daughters are raped. I’ve used the plural because there are probably plenty more cases like this
    out there that we haven’t even heard about. This travesty should be displayed the world over in the hopes that it may help, as you say, Kate, one man become a better human being, a better father.

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  3. OH. This makes me so sad and so horrified and so angry.

    To think about what this girl went through…then to have her father do and say what he did…I don’t know how she can ever heal from this. 😦 😦 😦

    PS…I “liked” post, Kate, because the world should hear of this and be disgusted.

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    • yes Carolyn, it shocked me to the core so I had to write … we need to say loud and clear that it’s completely wrong and pray it helps even one man be a better father!
      Thanks for all your love and support, hugs to you and Coop ❤

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  4. Oh my! As a woman I’m outraged. As a daughter I feel that she got shorted in the father department. My daddy would have killed anyone who laid a hand on any of his daughters. One thing he told me (and I assume my sisters) as soon as we were old enough to date, “You always have a place in this house. Always. If any man raises his hand to you in anger you leave and come here. You will always be safe here.” When my husband and I were engaged, I told him that if he ever struck me in anger I would leave and never return. He has never ever hit me. (not counting the time he tripped over the dog and fell on me).
    I would hope that there is more accountability in politics but I know that there is not (in the US we have the 2 poster boys for misogyny – Pres. Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh).

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    • misogyny yes … poster boys is a gross exaggeration, please!

      Yes I would have thought more highly of him had he stepped up and publicly supported her but maybe the perp had more sway with the party than I knew about!
      Whatever his reasoning it is gross neglect of the protection parents should provide to make us safe and nurtured!


  5. I can’t even bring myself to “Like” this, it is so appalling. A politician. How and when will we be truly effective at empowering women – and men – to step up to never-ending cruel, misogynistic, self-serving attitudes and actions?

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