photo by Jules @Daily Jewels by Jules

I’m a big bloke
used to making a sexist joke

at home, at work
and especially in the pub*

then one day a mate said
“is that really appropriate?”

even said it with a wink
made me stop and think

I respect my mother and sis
so why was I taking the piss*

sick jokes really deflect
woman do deserve respect

my attitude sure stinks
how did I miss those links

just sprouted mindless trash
women didn’t deserve that bash

they work far harder than me
without Julie where would I be

gotta change my immature manner
for women I should carry a banner

what will the mates say
when I praise women each day

if we don’t turn this around
having a daughter could resound

us blokes need to learn respect
it’s the least they can expect!

pub* = hotel with loads of alcohol; boys bonding place
taking the piss* = Australian slang for putting others down