natures beauty can render me breathless
but her wrath is utterly fierce, relentless

best listen to her warnings
enjoy the cloudless days

but heed her tormented lashings
find harmony with my environment

for rape and pillage are so needless
life and land breached senseless

making me rootless and restless
when I tread with respect I am weightless

so it’s my choice if I am helpless or harmless
balance must be restored for survival 

but we can do it together fearlessly
for her beauty and wonder are flawless

dVerse, Laura,challenge is to choose ONE or MORE from THE LIST of words BELOW and include it/them in the body and/or title of your poem. If possible, add a soupçon of hopefulness for Hope is the message in this first advent week!
ageless ~ boundless ~ breathless ~ careless ~ cloudless ~ colourless ~ faceless ~ fearless ~ feckless ~ flawless ~ formless ~ harmless ~ heedless ~ helpless ~ homeless ~ listless ~ needless ~ restless ~ rootless ~ senseless ~ tasteless ~ weightless ~ windowless ~ wordless ~


  1. Excellent poem! And such an important message, SweetKate!
    Your word-pics are so vivid and they touch my emotions. I have tears in my eyes right now.
    I wish more people felt the way you do about our earth.
    But then, nature often makes sense, has reason, and is orderly, and people do not and are not.
    PS…My internet was out for over 24 hours, but watch out! I’m back on-line now! 🙂

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  2. Yes – such a powerful poem about this very vital issue! Love the contrast between the inspiration nature can provide us (boundless) and the distress shots she’s throwing out (relentless). Great work!

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  3. when I tread with respect I am weightless

    I love that line.

    This is such a great call for awareness and respect for the world around us. I’m glad you ended on a hopeful note, it’s so easy to despair, and despair brings paralysis.

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