we all have a
body mind spirit mental social and emotional self
the first we anoint and worship
while the others are often neglected

to achieve harmony and balance
we need to nurture them also
for healthy mind and spirit
ensures flexible inner wealth!



I live down under

where ancient spirits abound
our traditional landowners
the longest living culture
sixty five thousand years
they lived in harmony

then white man invadand in a few hundred years
raped and pillaged
that ancient spiritual land
can we restore balance?

dVerse, 44 word quadrille on ‘spirit’ … two for the price of one!

This post took me fifteen minutes to post, this has been going on for weeks … some take 45 minutes.  That is just to open the ‘new post’, paste in my composed item … my cursor can sit still for minutes at a time.  I click on a post to read and find I’m replying to a comment.  Please tell me is WP stealing anyone else’s time?
I honestly thought this would be sorted but at this pace I will quit blogging because it has begun to interfere with my life …