we all have a
body mind spirit mental social and emotional self
the first we anoint and worship
while the others are often neglected

to achieve harmony and balance
we need to nurture them also
for healthy mind and spirit
ensures flexible inner wealth!

I live down under

where ancient spirits abound
our traditional landowners
the longest living culture
sixty five thousand years
they lived in harmony

then white man invaded and in a few hundred years
raped and pillaged
that ancient spiritual land
can we restore balance?

dVerse, 44 word quadrille on ‘spirit’ … two for the price of one!



  1. As always Kate, well said. The wrongs were done a long time ago, we need to put them right.
    No, I am not facing any trouble in posting. Hope it gets sorted. Your quitting would be a great loss for the blogging world.

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  2. UGHS on WordPress! 😦 I’ve not had any trouble posting the past few weeks…but, watch, now that I’ve said that I’ll have trouble this week.
    I hope the UGHS with WP straighten out soon! I don’t want you to quit blogging. 😦
    But, I understand how the time glitches, and frustration they cause, would get tiring and be a ridiculous waste of time. 😦

    I love your spirit! It shines through your heart, mind, words, poems, ETC!
    Your words are truth!
    And it’s so sad that people pay more attention to their body than to their heart, mind, and spirit.
    (((HUGS))) for you! And extra HUGS for the WP UGHS!!!

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    • interesting that I do seem to be the only one … but 45 minutes to post! And this flicking me all over the place … nothing I click on actually opens, it’s a real waste of life!

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      • I’m so sorry to hear this! Is there an e-mail address or some way to contact WP for help? Or how about the WP Support page?

        Let me see…be right back!

        Okay, I found this…but don’t know if it would be of any help…


        It gives a phone # for help.

        If it took me 45 minutes to put up one post, I’d be so frustrated. I feel for ya’, SweetKate! I wish I knew how to fix this.

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  3. Superficiality in everything, that’s what human beings are good at. I felt your second poem too. Another example of superficiality—how could a non-white people have any intelligence whatsoever?

    I have intermittent problems with WP. The most frequent one is when I can’t get into my editor to post. I can reply to comments but only as a reader, not the owner of the blog. The problem lasts 24/36 hours then goes away with no explanation. Either WP is saturated or what I suspect is that they want us to move from the free to a paid version.

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    • They must get a lot of revenue from advertising and a lot of people pay for services. Somebody’s making money out of it.

      There are three versions of editor available at present, the one most of us use, the old one that you get at by going through admin and that I use when I’m locked out of the normal one, and this new editor that as you say, they’re pushing but everybody seems to hate. I wonder why they’re so insistent?

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  4. Love the message in both poems. WP has weird issues going on all the time. But if it is slowing down your computer, the issue might be with storage space. Check free space available.

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  5. These two poems are really very good… love the message in the second, wonder why we have been so greedy over the years.

    For WP, one problem can actually be the cache in your browser slowing it down… have your tried to clean it (or run in another browser)? I have had problems in the past running chrome.

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    • Go to Chrome and on the right side at the top are 3 dots. Click and go to More Tools. Select Clear Browsing Data. There are options for the time frame or you can do a clear all….
      Please don’t stop blogging!!

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      • ah done that, for a few hours today I have recalled the joy of blogging … let’s see if this works!
        Thanks so much, I’m not very tech savvy. Some are amazed I can blog 🙂


  6. Balance is tricky even when you help others – you need to remind yourself that you can help but not be taken advantage of. I dislike it when I’m helping my neighbor with one thing and then he slips in another task… I don’t mind it once in a while but it can be frustrating to have anyone think you are on their clock 24/7.

    I can only hope that some traditions of the past can be restored to restore the health and magic of the whole planet.

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    • yes, I see what you mean … I’m sure I’m as guilty as your neighbour. We have plenty of time to think of the trillion jobs we just need another pair of hands for and when an offer comes our way we abuse it. I’m hearing you!

      Yes we need to care for our planet and each other 🙂

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  7. Apologies for late reading….and I’ve not even posted for Tuesday or Thursday yet! Busy around here.
    As to your post…..I’m reminded of the Maori people who we learned alot about when we did our Australia/New Zealand trip two years ago.
    As to WP…..I’ve not had many problems…but mainly want to say, don’t give up! So enjoy seeing you at the Pub! 😉 Keep blogging.

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