Friday Fun – aftermath

As thanksgiving is being celebrated in some countries there will be a recovery time from over indulgence and an overdose of the relatives.
In Australia we are recovering from the fires …
tonight a cool breeze will make sleep more comfortable.
And we have the joy of seeing new growth and wildlife return after the devastation.

Everything has an aftermath or recovery time

please share your creative version of “aftermath” in pics or stories? 

Whether through your lens or using creative writing …
go where the prompt leads!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post


  1. I’m trying to start getting in my creative Christmas element… I will find that special spark probably through my art and writing like last year. I think that is the natural aftermath of Thanksgiving living in Florida it’s hard to feel the magic of the fall and Christmas seasons, but I look deep inside for that special feeling and connect with all the beautiful photos, stories, poetry…etc that is shared here from the hearts of all my friends in the blogosphere and s I somehow it magically bubbles to the surface and breathes a life of its own. 😊❤️

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  2. Beautiful photo, SweetKate!
    Continued prayers for the recovery and aftermath time there.
    So VERY glad to hear about the cool breeze!
    Often in my recovery/aftermath times, I learn and grow the most, and I am so grateful.
    PS…In school, I wasn’t so good at Mathematics. So I was always glad when Math classes were over…those were AfterMath times that I was VERY grateful for! 😉 😀 😛 HA! 🙂

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    • yes, many died but they raised millions for the koalas … nowhere near as much for the humans 😦

      Seems a habit we all have to wrap wildlife in our clothing when we find them injured … I’ve saved possums and kookaburras by wrapping them in my clothing and taking them to the nearest vet. Vets have to treat our wildlife free and then return them to the wild. They lost the possum but saved her two babies … she was so tiny I had no idea she had offspring!

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  3. Continued recovery and ease of sleeping.
    We had an impromptu concert – grandson played two songs on his violin.
    We all get along rather well – but as always an abundance of food. Most of which goes towards the lunches of those who return to work. Everyone brings a dish, and some help clean up more than others (as to what the hostess will allow).

    I stay away from the aftermath of the holiday bargain hunting/ shopping. My aftermath is quite – Hubby’s off today, but is helping one of our sons. Blissful peace. 🙂

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      • Didn’t travel as much this year. I’m always glad when he’s home. Days are quite a bit smoother now that I’m not watching the grand(s) for ten hours during the school year 😉

        Kind of a been there done that thing. Been busy, now it’s nice to have some well earned freer time 🙂

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