World Justice Council

World Council will ensure that all world citizens will have their basic needs of food, water, shelter, health and education meet. Education will differ greatly from the current system of regurgitating facts under pressure of exams. It will be modelled on the Steiner and Montessori systems where children will have their creativity and thirst for knowledge ignited. Their talents and skills will be encouraged with competitiveness being rapidly phased out.

Nancy, our IT wiz, is a kiwi who used to work in child care and much as she loves kids it confirmed that she didn’t want the 24/7 responsibility of bringing up her own! Dan has steely grey curly hair with a gentle face for a man who’s seen too much. Stella his wife is most relieved that we keep him busy as she is used to the life she established after he’d worked such long hours for decades. Retirement often means ex-cops are under foot so to have him busy allows her to continue with the lifestyle she was used to. Bingo with the girls, grandkids twice a week etc.

If we really need a confidential space my secret garden is perfect. Although I live in a tiny home on wheels, THOW, I’ve found the perfect little block by the river and only ten minutes walk from the ocean. I can hear the pounding of the waves at night and smell that fresh salt air! I’ve surrounded my space with a hedge and only the corner of an old shed is visible to the inquisitive. That shed is deceiving as it houses a spacious spare room with on-suite and kitchenette just in case anyone needs to stay over. And this means that the team never had any reason to enter my sacred space, I am completely private.

My garden space is decorated from art works I collected on my travels … the holy cow, the metal lilies, large bright artworks from the street artists of Asia. It’s colourful but peaceful .. a happy healing space with a large table readily seating a dozen. This means I can use one end for my outdoor office without needing to clear the other end every time we meet. There is also a large fire pit for when we have workshops or entertain because I understand the value of working and playing hard. Plus it’s ideal for debriefing and team bonding.

Reg and Ray, one had had a very senior hush hush position but had retired early when he realised the system was the problem, not the solution. Their adopted kids are Sunbeam and Lazer, yes they actually named their kids that! One is from Korea and the other Thai as the boys, like me, have a deep fondness for Asia and they wanted to support those communities in particular.

Sunbeam is in the last year of her mechanic apprenticeship and her real passion is to ‘repair’ any broken thing. But more about her and Scruff my trusty blue heeler [dog] later.

third 500 word fiction


    • there is a link on those first two words, “world council “… it was barely read or liked so I did consider stopping it but I have lots already written … just edit 500 words out, thanks Sadje 🙂


  1. I was not ready for the end. I wanted to go on reading.
    It was really like watching all these people from a distance.
    Real life stories are simple yet great.
    Would love to meet these people again.

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  2. This is a beautiful addition to your story Kate. And oh i was so thrilled you made mention of Montessori Education. I worked in a Montessori school and had formal training on Montessori education and i love it…i say, one of Maria Montessori would have been so proud of herself now..

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  3. Wow..learn loving more about you and your life. Sounds like you have a lovely home and area. To hear the awesome!! I love both the mountains (the area I live in) and the ocean. 🙂 Yes, our educational system here needs an overall for sure HUGS

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  4. A magnificent tableau you’ve set, Kate, the perfect starting point for all kinds of adventures!

    There most definitely is something motivating about the surf’s cyclical rhythm – a reminder of endless opportunities ahead.

    This is more than just speculation, as I write from personal experience. When my late grandparents retired 35 years ago they bought a house in Florida just three blocks from the beach. At night, when the traffic on A1A dropped to a low hum, I could hear the waves crashing above the tree frogs’ harmony. Oftentimes, I’d go outside just to partake. Decades later, those moments still inspire!

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    • I’ve been most blessed to live near the sea at various times and it’s so relaxing, the fresh sea air, the rhythmic crashing and the relaxed beach walks … hoping to replicate that soon 🙂

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