am so very glad that I am alive and well
relieved to be at least thirty k from hell*

sad knowing 1.64 million hectares were barbecued
lives, homes, crops, livestock lost … our daily food

so many have been screwed
by this fierce flaming feud

no point offering a platitude
as safety and security elude

the nation in drought no time to brood
as the wildfires are of great magnitude

for health and home I have gratitude
pray for critters and every farmer dude

we are alive now
can we heed nature’s lesson
in order to thrive

dVerse, Monday Gratitude, Frank .. sorry took poetic license and did my own style

hell* = in less than a month wildfires have burnt nearly 600 homes, 4 people, livestock and wildlife … please note that it is still spring and these statistics are for my state of NSW only … other states have recorded similar losses!