life is something to adore
how long we live is unsure
each of us is time poor
with no chance to buy more
so priorities become essential
those lives needlessly tossed
violence suicide war lost
humanity bears that cost
live to your fullest potential

dVerse, imitation, Frank – nine lines with a rhyme pattern AAAABCCCB


    • thanks Mich … been having major WP probs for weeks now and they haven’t responded to my formal complaint.
      So may take a break for a while … lost the joy of blogging when it takes about an hour to post or comment …

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  1. I’d say Frank is living your poem, “ador(ing) ” life and all, as though he has your advice in mind. Or is it vice-versa?

    How often is Frank at his “post?” Did you just happen to snap his pic when you say him, or does he cheer passers-by more frequently?

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  2. Respecting what we can do, sometimes even stretching just a tad –
    that is living, that is life 🙂

    (PS just thought you’d like to know we are having some snow… some of the flakes look like small white feathers – yes they are that big!)

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  3. Yes, we should, we must…our fullest potential!
    A wonderful poem, SweetKate! And the rhyme pattern is cool!
    Oh, what a sweet smile on his face! That is Frank, I presume! He embodies living life with joy!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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