How to live the most meaningful life that you are capable of …

when kindness is abandoned
our immune system weakens
allowing hordes of toxins to invade

these corrupt our body
igniting illness to flare
in very obnoxious ways

they also poison our mind
rending us totally blind
to others innate goodness

our thoughts become harmful
to our self and others
as we spiral down an abyss

so we waste ourselves
and waste our life
always living in strife


yet when we adopt kindness
our immune system strengthens
enabling us to avoid illness

we become radiantly healthy
immune to viruses or bugs
able to stay fit and trim

our mind blossoms with joy
and we find useful solutions
to empower and care for others

our thoughts are helpful
kind and concerned with all
making our energy attractive

we live our life to the fullest
radiating good will
boosting a balanced life


this is called unity
of mind and body

unity of individuals
to one universal soul

where we support one another
showering kind care

responsible for all we dare
say do or think

we keep morality
for it nurtures love

loyalty and harmony
kindness is the key!

if you’re not part of the solution
then you are part of the problem!