Last week I introduced myself and our core team – Nancy our IT gem and Dan the man, a retired detective – more details to follow. Also shared our vision to demolish all borders thus enabling us to become true universal citizens.

The demolition of borders or a world without borders is a bit like doctors without borders but will have very powerful repercussions at many levels. It would instantly demolish the current nationalistic trend and allow people to move freely about. All arguments about national anthems and flags would become redundant. Wars would be irrelevant, corrupt politicians would have no grounds to start wars once there are no separate countries to conquer or invade. People will learn to get on with each other no matter their background or status. It will establish a level playing field for us to nurture and support each other without the restrictions currently imposed.

Lucia’s is our regular meeting place. This quiet little café had it all. Hidden away from tourists it overlooked a cow pasture with a river teeming with wildlife just behind it. If any tourist did happen to stumble upon it then they were truly meant to be there as it was well off the beaten track. Birds, lizards and critters could be seen safely mooching about. A family business run by Reg and Ray, with Ray’s Mum and their adopted kids helping out. They are all top cooks in their own right. Between them they can knock up a dish from just about anywhere in the world. But better still they know us well, had our coffee orders perfected, with an endless supply of croissants and wholemeal Turkish bread with a few tempting treats both sweet and savoury.

Like Reg and Ray all our family and friends contribute as needed, making a supportive cohesive team. We aspire to improve our world and our relationships with open honest communication. We are fine-tuning our negotiation skills and firmly established kindness as our basis for all interactions. We were a tight team but as we have many irons in the fire we are totally open to embracing all the help we can muster. We have an agreed master plan that we are all working towards. And once fully approved we tried to tackle these tasks in a calm comprehensive and cohesive manner.

Reg’s parents are senior psychiatrists who have undertaken a mammoth task with the aid of their post-grad students and colleagues to develop a viable test for world leaders – a test to prove that they value humanity and morality far above power or wealth. All leaders will need to undertake this test as there will be a strict vetting system before any votes are undertaken. We need quality leaders who are above being brought at any price.

Once vetted then elected these leaders will sit on a World Council to oversee the distribution of resources.

But I’m ahead of myself, more details will be shared next time. Are you in?

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