the desert unfolds in wondrous beauty
touching my very soul
Carlos Castaneda and many others
have journeyed here before
this is the solvent for our soul

less distractions
living in the now
flat as far as the eye can see
vivid colour
tiny critters

survival is key
pretence dissolves
earthy reality prevails
no props
or entertainment

just the vast openness
mirroring my soul
to me …
it taps into
my limitless well of love

for all I need is inside
nothing external
can heal me wholly
only that which lies within
so settle down

look around
know that the solution
already abides
let go of all the baggage
know that I am enough

others can care and support me
but only I have the answers
love myself
then inner wealth
with blessed good health

will set me free
just breath out
and be …
knowing myself
sets me free!

dVerse, surrealism, Linda – with special mention to Miriam’s interview on Out and About
with Carlisle Rogers who reminded me of the power of the desert
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