cracked open

cracks allow
     the light in
     and the pressure to escape

cracking jokes
     can make others crack up
     and teases a smile to crack open

we crack open
     eggs to cook
     our hearts to love

explore life’s cracks for they are character building
     inducing authenticity

dVerse, 44 words on ‘crack’, De

is anyone else having troubles with WP … it’s just taken me 12 minutes to open the window to make a new post …. this has been going on for about ten days and is getting worse … it’s so slow I dread to come here, and I pay! Then 7 minutes to post it!


  1. Very nice image and verse! This could go very well with the “Fantasy” – the Tuesday challenge 🙂

    PS: My WP is weird and slow too, but I thought it was my old computer… Happy to hear that I’m not alone 🙂

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  2. YAY for cracks!!!
    This is SO wonderful, Kate! “Just what the doctor ordered” for me for today!
    You have reminded me that we need the cracks…if everything was smooth we would never learn anything, our character would not stretch and grow, and we’d be awfully egotistical, boring people. 🙂
    HA! I love the artwork you paired with this! It’s just a great piece of art…so cool…but made me think about yet another crack! 😉 😮 😀 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…yep, been having WP troubles…especially related to lack of notifications on my reader’s page that people have put up a new post. 😦

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  3. Actually, cooking is all it’s cracked up to be, even at the crack of dawn, so…

    Freshly-cracked peppercorns are excellent on salads. All manner of other things, too.

    And don’t forget syrup’s progression through the stages of candy-making: after we pass the soft ball stage, we move on to hard crack…

    “What, you crackin’ wise?”

    “No, Lieutenant, just trying to help with the investigation.”

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  4. Very creative poem!!! 🙂 The ‘cracks’ in life do have a lot to teach us! In the end, the broken pieces mend together more beautifully than before. As you say, the trick is to let the light shine in…that is where the magic happens. 🙂

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