street art

my collection of wall/street art ..
all from the lanes of Lismore except the last which is from the Blue Mountains


  1. Wonderful examples. We’ve purposely in the past gone out to search out street art in Toronto and just awhile ago unexpectedly found an inspiring alleyway in a smaller community north of us the was WOW.

    I believe in Toronto, the municipality puts out tenders for street artists(if that is a phrase) to undertake projects on underpasses and alike.

    There was a CBC television program that recently finished a ten-year run, where the host did a political/social rant segment during each episode. It was done in a back alley in downtown Toronto that was much like the pics you’ve included. It ended up turning the alleyway into a tourist attraction.

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  2. I like street art. It not only covers boring places, but also conveys some thought. We have a name: mural. I admire murals, I value artists.
    best regards

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    • these artists do … council got a grant and then paid them to do these, so they are commissioned murals not graffiti πŸ™‚
      Local council also gets grants to pay artists to do murals on our large silos and they too become popular tourist attractions. It breathes new life into areas most would have avoided without the art πŸ™‚

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  3. Pretty awesome, too, that Lismore did this originally to promote beauty, and soon word spread, attracting tourists (and, of course, their money). That last part surely brings smiles at budget time.

    Lismore encouraged beauty, an has been rewarded twofold. Encouraging to see good deeds rewarded.

    Thanks for brightening the day, Kate, even from 10,000 miles away.

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  4. These are awesome! I love such things… I shared mitch’s post as a reason to live, I think it’s just awesome! How people brighten the days with their talent. And this place that has lots of street art to make it cheerful. And happy.
    Love, light and glitter

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