today is mine #FClee

by A Florence Clee, my great great UK aunt; published in 1934
… wanting to post a few of her poems to get them online

Today is mine! so beats by my heart with gladness,
begone dull care, and every vain regret,
God’s in his heaven, the earth is filled with beauty,
life’s opportunities are with us yet!

Today is mine! why should I fear the future?
tomorrow may not be for you and me!
Yesterday’s gone, and why should i recall it,
unless it hold some lovely memory?

Today is mine! to see the golden sunshine,
or smell the fragrant flowers after rain:
to win a welcome smile from happy faces
or learn sweet patience from a soul in pain!

Today is mine! but not for sad repining,
but to enjoy, and maybe make amends:
to live and love, and meet with joy or courage
whatever in my life the good God sends.

dVerse, OLN, Lillian   


  1. It’s great that your aunt wrote song tests. The poem reads great, contains rhythm, and singing repetitions. It’s praise every day.
    best regards

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  2. A wonderful honor. I would have to believe her essence is glowing –
    I wish I could find some of the Sci Fi my Dad said he had published.
    I don’t know if by his own or a pen name…

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      • I remember watching a movie with Kathrine Hepburn where she did business by using her initials… even though all the documents where signed and approved once the “men” discovered she was a women they wanted to back out of their deal.

        I think quite a bit just depends on who or whom you know. I knew a gal who designed greeting cards and basically only got pennies per design. That was about twenty years ago.

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  3. OH! How wonderful, Kate! 🙂 This brought joy-tears to my eyes…her poem, the message of her poem, AND that you are sharing it…all wonderful! 🙂
    I’m going to start each day with the thought “This day is mine!” and think of your great great aunt!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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