My voluptuous figure boasted all eyes and no waist, with legs that stretched to my armpits. None of that fragile androgenous trendy look dictated by neurotic fashionisters.

But more than that my brain is wired to analyse the finer details. Not given to melodramatics. I have class and a quirky style. Comfortable in my own skin and never swayed by others expectations.

This made me a force to be reckoned with coz I am alert to petty game playing and master manipulators. Immune to the gender divide I valued my elders values and views. As I know that the ‘invisible’ generation saw and knew far more than the average busy distracted person.

Generally moving about I use share rides to save the environment. But my real legacy is my Kwaka 500. Riding gear the best disguise as I fly about investigating injustices. No issue too small. I have strong determination to save our planet and ensure that women finally get equal pay!

Most underestimate me, a great cover for me to gather all the info required. Younger people think me over the hill. Those haughty with pride dismiss this unconventional superhero.

No need to be on anyone’s payroll as I invested wisely to fulfill my frugal needs. Living off-grid keeps my metadata nominal. This is such an oddity that nobody really bothers about me … I am off the radar!

Each day I set my motivation do a calming meditation followed by a brisk walk along the beach. Then check my list of issues to ponder them over muesli and coffee gazing from my balcony. Experience indicates that discipline and persistent effort could eventually resolve all worldly injustice. With nobody any the wiser as to who I am or what I do.

My friends bask in the comfort of my company confident that they can share their life in minute detail without judgment or comment. I imbue trust and loyalty so they regard me with the greatest respect.

I don’t dump on or bothered others, self-contained in my strong relationship with my meditation master. Men are both startled by and attracted to my energy. They find me utterly intriguing. But men come and go, their demands never fully met.

justice - 1 (2)

That is reserved solely for those suffering injustice and the corrupt system that plagues them. A sprightly twenty something my trusty IT mate is a genius in her own right. Dan the man is our gopher who does our digging as a retired detective he has the network to access any resources needed.

justice - 1 (1)

The three of us together have accumulated a vast connection to those who can impact in an effective subtle manner. Well travelled I have a smattering of languages and enough knowledge to integrate into any community covertly to ascertain the truth from propaganda. A justice jedi with no need to seek acclaim or kudos. My lust for justice drives me well beyond all worldly gain.

Our current issue is demolition of all borders, to make us universal citizens.

five hundred word fiction … please say if you would like to read more?
or if I should make it shorter … will be directed by you
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