As fires rage across the state our air is full of ash and smoke. Schools closed with some areas already evacuated. Tension mounts as we are warned to be alert as there may not be a door knock.

Temperature is in the late thirties although we’ve had a few days in the forties already. And this is only spring!

A state of emergency has been declared in order to access to more resources. The military involved as fire fighters are exhausted. Water choppers buzz. With a long-term drought everything is dry and water supplies close to exhausted.

Armageddon is upon us now hence no possible doubt of the climate change impact! Oh yes our government has just criminalised ‘climate change’ protests! Journalists are raided, whistle-blowers goaled. The delusion of democracy crumbles.

If it’s darkness we’re having, let it be extravagant as autocratic rule prevails.

dVerse, Victoria, 144 word prose using “If it’s darkness we’re having, let it be extravagant”, from Kenyon’s poem, “Taking Down the Tree.”

Today our air is clean but we only need a change of wind!

wrote this about 16 hours ago. … the day has been a scorcher, they fought 300 fires today, 40 are still burning, 20 are out of control, most are near the cities … nothing near me but a cool change has come and that will help!