why is everyone so keen to influence
and others so ready to be influenced

most days someone tells me what to do think or feel
forcefully moulding me into their clone, makes me reel

what gave us the right to advise and judge
why can’t we accept each other as we are

surely I’m mature enough to live my own life
others directions come fast and rife

I should grieve for my mother this way or that
I should buy the same tools and renovate like them

assuming I’m a moron with no original plan
will they ever let me graduate to adulthood

this is both controlling and belittling
we are individuals who can seek advice

so please keep your opinions to yourself
unless I ask for your kind help!

Fire update for NSW, schools are shut, they’ve declared a State of Emergency meaning that they can use more resources like the military … they are predicting catastrophic fires near our three major cities.
I am quite safe I assure you as my town is being used as a safe haven for those left homeless and the nearby airport is where our water choppers are buzzing about like busy flies.
All prayers welcome please


  1. I had a friend who used to talk about how old she was, a grown woman, and she told me how young I was. I think she’s a month older than I am. This woman never had a job, been on a team, never had to pay her own rent. Her advice was deadly. Watch out for that. We are no longer friends, but she took a chunk out of me because I let her. It’s like, “Gee, thanks for your opinion. I have to go now.

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    • exactly, these people are poisonous and we shouldn’t allow them in our lives … or if we have no choice then we must put strict boundaries around their behaviour and just not listen to their verbal detonators!


  2. Continued prayers for everyone having to deal with the fires, in any way.

    Right on, Sista’-Friend! A timely, important poem! And so many of the “social media influencers” today are getting paid obscene amounts of money telling the rest of us what to wear, eat, do, buy, etc. 😮

    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Glad to hear you’re safe Kate. It’s such a devastating time for so much of the east coast. Keeping all of those affected in my thoughts and prayers.
    I like your poem too. It’s so true, we all have our own mind. Let’s use it! xx

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  4. Oh dear Kate!
    Good to know that you are safe. I read about NSW fires in weekend paper but totally forgot about it as my son suffered from fever and I spent my weekend in taking care of him at home.

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  5. I know what your talking about Kate, but now I’ve found I’m past being influenced…… although a few days ago, at the cafe I frequent nearly every day, …. A lady told me I had my Leonard Cohen T-shit on, 5 days in a row…… I was going to tell her “sarcastically” … that she was colour-blind…. I did wear a Leonard Cohen T-shirt 5 days in a row,….. but I have, black, blue and brown ones, and It was the 3rd anniversary of his death, ….Ivor just smiled at her arrogance and ignorance…….. I’m past what other people say, or what they do….. I’m happy in my own little bubble……

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  6. Thanks so much for posting this, Sis. You can see it has resonated with so many! People think they are doing you good by imposing their views on you! Let’s not even talk about the paid social media influencers!!
    Continuing with my prayers! So devastating for all involved.

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  7. Opinions are okay but they should be expressed in a non-judgmental, non-argumentative manner. An exchange of opinions can be beneficial to all parties. I guess you are writing about the brow beating, hitting you over the head with a sledge hammer kind. All that gives you is a headache. Nice post Kate.

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  8. Exactly! Who said I wanted to be influenced?
    As for the fire situation, it’s just awful. I’m so sorry for all those who have had to evacuate and for those who have lost their homes….

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  9. Continue to stay safe. I think I watch less shows these days because of all the commercials and ads. But then I’ve never been one to let someone else tell me what to think. It is important to communicate – when the one trying to tell their side doesn’t listen respectfully – it is time to move on. I’ve had to do that with several organizations and individuals.

    May your memories of all you love be for blessings… grieving is very individual. I still grieve for my mother that passed when I was young. Mostly because the adults back then didn’t allow, I think for a proper good-bye? Some think I may be obsessed. But I believe I have a healthy respect for her memory.

    I was showing my grandson a family tree and I think because of the photos I have and of explaining some things he made sure that I had both my birth mother and my step mother on the simple tree I made for him.

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    • I only watch shows on my laptop and had a friends son install an ad blocker eg everything is ad free 🙂
      Yes we were never allowed to funerals as children or to speak of the dead in my home … I moved on coz that’s unhealthy!

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