why is everyone so keen to influence
and others so ready to be influenced

most days someone tells me what to do think or feel
forcefully moulding me into their clone, makes me reel

what gave us the right to advise and judge
why can’t we accept each other as we are

surely I’m mature enough to live my own life
others directions come fast and rife

I should grieve for my mother this way or that
I should buy the same tools and renovate like them

assuming I’m a moron with no original plan
will they ever let me graduate to adulthood

this is both controlling and belittling
we are individuals who can seek advice

so please keep your opinions to yourself
unless I ask for your kind help!

Fire update for NSW, schools are shut, they’ve declared a State of Emergency meaning that they can use more resources like the military … they are predicting catastrophic fires near our three major cities.
I am quite safe I assure you as my town is being used as a safe haven for those left homeless and the nearby airport is where our water choppers are buzzing about like busy flies.
All prayers welcome please