As the situation worsens the state government has declared a “State of Emergency”. Meaning that they can throw more resources at the fires including use of military personal.

Featured pic is the sun yesterday some four hours before sunset …
sun is still high but the colour is due to the fires …

fires - 1

gives more perspective

My car is covered in ash, you can see it in the air. I’m told it’s corrosive but why wash it off as it’s still falling …

fires - 1 (2)

the sky this morning, bleak

We have hot weather and a strong wind which don’t forebode well …

Our newspapers are claiming that these fires are a result of climate change and a storm in India … no idea how they get the India link so if you understand please explain?




  1. It saddens me so much to hear in the news today that some of these fires have been deliberately lit. I don’t understand why people do that. Or loot evacuated properties. Events like this bring out the best and the worst! I hope you are stil safe. It seems like the fires in NSW are abating as they move further up into Qld.

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  2. Climate change seems the only logical explanation to me as well. India is so freaking far away from your side. Did someone lit a fuse of world’s longest detonating cord from India, which sparked up the fires in NSW?
    Over at my side, a swarm of locusts hit my town yesterday afternoon. Took pictures and made videos of them, which I will share up on my blog later.

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  3. Kate, do you have friends or relatives in another state who could use a visit? The reason I ask is, you could use some fresh air. Literally.

    You’re in a “safe” area – so to speak – but breathing air that’s visibly laden can’t be good for you.

    I’m suggesting as a friend, someone who cares, that maybe it’s time to gather a few of your most valued possessions and to take a summer vacation.

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  4. I’m not sure how climate from one country changes another. But look at how a tsunami can be created across the sea to do damage somewhere far away.

    When I was visiting a place in Florida that had coral thousands (if not more years old) I was told that the reddish hues in some of the coral that was sliced up to make facades for the outside of buildings was from the volcanic ash from when Mt. Vesuvius erupted.
    The winds had carried the ash across the oceans which then more or less ended up growing amid the coral when the coral was alive.

    Stay safe my friend!

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  5. The element of fire is an unimaginable tragedy. I think that caused by climate change, but also by the carelessness of people, when the grass is dry, the ground is hot, so a broken bottle is enough for it to ignite. I feel sorry because you have nothing to breathe if dust has reached the sun.
    Best wishes

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  6. Please stay safe! The air quality must be an issue for all the older folks. I will try to stay up to date with your posts but I can’t say for sure if my internet connection will be available all the time we are on vacation. I promise to read all your updates while I’m away – I just may not be able to comment! We have snow falling steadily with a prediction of up to 12″ by this evening. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there are no flight delays!!!

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    • oh I do hope the weather doesn’t play havoc with your travels plans! Stay safe ❤

      The air quality is a huge issue for many especially those with asthma or any breathing issues. It's impacted my sinuses but that's minor compared to breathing issues.

      Everything is covered in ash and I'm more than 30 km from the nearest blaze.


  7. So scary! Please be careful and stay safe!
    Prayers and love for everyone there.
    Certainly wild weather, climate, and other conditions around the world.
    Arctic cold in the US over the next few days will be record-breaking and plunge the temps down 30 degrees or more in some places….freezing temps in places that are never this cold in November.

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  8. They are predicting Armageddon for us tomorrow, and certainly there is a lot of smoke about – but I think most of it comes from up your way.
    Keep safe.
    I’m sure we will both be fine – but never lose sight of the fact that anything that isn’t breathing is replaceable. You can’t argue with the insurance company from the grave.
    Your photo, by the way, reminds me of a scene from ‘Bliss’ which (oddly) I made reference to earlier today. In that scene two of the (young) characters are challenged on their core beliefs. “We aren’t anti anything,” they respond, “we believe in everything. It’s only the shit in the air that makes the sunsets so beautiful.”

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    • my goodness ‘Bliss’ brings back memories, that’s a golden oldie!
      Thanks pops I’m nowhere near the fires and as an off grid nomad I have nothing worth saving anyway …

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  9. I am actually very safe, more than half an hour from the nearest blaze … hence our showground is being offered freely for those affected and the water choppers fill up here.
    We are a safe base thanks!

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  10. Kate, global weather systems are linked. That is why when we are in the midst of El Nino, the impact of La Nina is being felt across the Pacific. Weather in our eastern states is affected by the Indian Ocean Dipole which is particularly strong and long lasting this year. The BOM has a good explanation.
    These weather systems are also being affected by climate change as sea temperatures warm. For the impact of climate change on weather systems see

    The contraction of the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) to the south is also causing drying. If this continues, as climate scientists suggest, we will be in terrible trouble.
    A look into the paleo record is informative, pointing to catastrophic feedback loops that have not been included in climate models, see It is all terribly scary and the more regular people like you and me understand how it is all inter-linked, by asking the sort of questions that you asked today, the more we can hold our politicians to account. Information is power.

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    • thanks for explaining that so well and providing the links … this is what I was asking!
      And your mind is super tidy and organised … time to change your blog title 😉


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